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Wednesday Webinar: More Actions in Moodle ISU

December 5, 2022

Hidden behind the More tab in ISU lie many features that help you reuse and organize your course content, both within and across semesters. Please join us on Wednesday, December 7th at 12:00pm for a 20-minute webinar where we will explore how these features can save you time and effort. We will cover the question bank and content bank, each of which can help you reuse what you've created. We will also provide an overview of the Course Reuse feature for backing up or restoring a course.

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The ITRC Wednesday Webinars are a series of short, live Zoom training sessions. These webinars are available to all ISU campuses and locations. All ITRC Wednesday Webinars will be uploaded to the ITRC Video Training Library for on-demand viewing access. 

You can view and register for other ITRC Wednesday Webinars on a variety of different topics.

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