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The Year 7 Self Study is Published–So, What is Next?

August 9, 2021

The Accreditation Team is thrilled to announce that after 26 months of interviewing, researching, and writing, the Year 6 and 7 reports are published on ISU’s website and in the hands of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities’ (NWCCU) peer evaluators. So what is next?

ISU will hold a mock virtual peer evaluation visit on September 16th to prepare for October’s peer evaluation.  ISU has asked three university accreditation liaison officers who recently completed their own NWCCU Year 7 evaluations to support this mock visit.  They have experience with the new accreditation standards and know the expectations of peer evaluators.  Academic Affairs will be creating a schedule to support this virtual visit over the next few weeks and individuals and groups will be invited to participate.

The 7-year peer evaluation taking place October 6-8 will be the main focus for much of the University in early October. Usually, the peer evaluation is an in-person site visit, but with the increase in COVID cases, the peer evaluators will conduct a virtual visit via Zoom.  While not ideal, the change could improve the staff and faculty’s ability to participate in sessions by reducing their time commitments.

Since May, the accreditation team has published articles in ISU Today to inform and educate the ISU community on the ISU’s accreditation process.  For more information, visit https://www.isu.edu/accreditation/.


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