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New CALM Program Aims to Promote Student Wellbeing

February 3, 2021

Idaho State University's Department of Social Work and Counseling and Testing Services have teamed up to create a new comprehensive wellness program, CALM (which stands for Caring, Action, Leadership, Mindfulness). Dr. Fredi Giesler, the director of the MSW program and Sheryl Yee, Social Worker at CATS, work together with CPI interns each semester to facilitate CALM.

CALM aims to promote student wellbeing and provide preventative, holistic wellness support. CALM activities include efforts to improve interpersonal relationships within our ISU community, while also reducing the stigma around mental health issues on campus. This includes engaging students across campus through mindfulness and other support groups; building resiliency by promoting healthy coping strategies and mid-term and final de-stress events; fostering social connection through wellness and recreation groups; and increasing awareness of the wide variety campus resources available to students. CALM is committed to providing a safe and open space that promotes inclusion, civility, and caring throughout our ISU community.

To learn more, visit our website and follow CALM on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
CALM is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional counseling. If you feel like you would benefit from participating in counseling to please call Counseling and Testing at (208) 282-2130 to get established with their free services. If you are in urgent need, please call the crisis line 1-800-273-TALK (8255). If your concerns are life threatening, call 911.


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