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Reminder of Foreign Travel Review Process for Export Control

October 28, 2021

Foreign Travel is opening up and export control review is required.

  1. Prepare your Chrome River form as soon as possible - this is all you need for most foreign destinations.
  2. Visit the Export Control + Foreign Travel page

Additional review (more than Chrome River) may be needed if:

  • You plan to take any equipment with you (includes ISU owned computers, UAV, cameras). Travel with personal devices – phones, tablets, computers, instrumentation – can trigger the same export control regulations as ISU equipment; or
  • You are travelling to anywhere in China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, or Cuba. 

If either of these factors pertain, you must complete a Visual Compliance Travel Review Form.

The form will be reviewed by the Export Control Office to determine if a license is needed or if a license exemption pertains.

Please review the Foreign Travel Review Instructions for Visual Compliance. 


The traveler is responsible for all other arrangements, including: travel insurance, visas, COVID or other disease-related preparations (immunizations) required by the destination country. Check with Risk Management to arrange for travel insurance (State of Idaho requirement).

Travel Safe!  Export Control Office - or call (208) 282-2618.



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