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Dr. Neelam Sharma Publishes paper in "The Psychology of Popular Media"

October 14, 2021

Neelam Sharma, Assistant Professor in the Communication, Media, and Persuasion department has published a single-author paper in the American Psychology Association's peer-reviewed journal, The Psychology of Popular Media.

The paper, titled, "An examination of viewers’ mental model drawings after they watched a transgender-themed TV narrative" analyzes how viewers of a transgender-themed popular TV show construct distinct mental models and what these models inform us about the way people process a nonnormative narrative about a marginalized social group. 

Participants watched an episode of the TV show Transparent, drew story-related pictures, and responded to questions about their drawings.

After conducting a quantitative content analysis of the drawings to identify the most frequently occurring elements, Sharma conducted a thematic analysis of the drawings and open-ended question data that revealed the underlying patterns of how participants constructed these mental model drawings.

Read more here: https://psycnet.apa.org/record/2021-65690-001


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