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Policy Updates

December 2, 2019

Policies with proposed changes are sent out periodically in ISU Today for faculty and staff comment. Currently policies can be found at the policy website. Please contact Becky Robison with questions. robireb2@isu.edu Ext. 3442


Ongoing Updates

  • Consensual Relationships with Students has been presented to staff council and will be presented to the faculty professional policy council and ASISU.  The policy is expanding to include staff and will now prohibit relationships between any employee (including faculty) and a student that the employee is in a position of authority or power over.
  • The Policy on Policies is currently being discussed by staff council and the faculty senate.  The policy is being revised to be more inclusive and based on a model of shared governance.
  • Records Management has a website with a guide for records maintenance.  https://www.isu.edu/records/  The revisions to the policy will be available for comment in January.  

Policies in Revision Process:

  • Purchasing - 2560 - Updating to comply with changes in Idaho State legislation.  Policy will include use of contracts issued by cooperative purchasing agreements and updated situational acquisitions limits.

New Policies Under Development:

  • Environmental Health and Safety


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