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Records Management Policy Update

Idaho State University no longer has a centralized records management program. Instead, each area is responsible for their record-keeping efforts. Many departments and units previously completed records management plans and will have no changes as they follow their established practices. 

An easy reference has been created to help individuals determine how long they must retain items. Additionally, the State Board of Education has a very detailed schedule of records, including what must be retained and the minimum retention time for each record. The schedule includes an introduction to records retention, instruction on how to use the schedules, and an example on creating a retention schedule.

RecordsResponsible PartyMinimum Period of Retention
Academic Records (Student) Registrar Permanent
Accreditation Documents & Reports Provost Permanent
Annual/Biennial Reports President Two Years
Audit Reports (Fiscal) Audit Five Years
Moodle Course Content Information Technology Services Archive after two years
Budget Records Budget Officer Five Years
Contracts >$10,000 or VP Designated General Counsel Six Years
Contracts (Buildings) University Archives Building Life
Contracts <$10,000 Respective Offices Six Years
Correspondence (Univ. Offices) Respective Offices As Needed
Departmental Academic Records Faculty or Dept. Files Five Years
Department or Unit Reports Respective Offices As Needed
Faculty Evaluation (Information, tenure, rank, or tenure review) Department Chairperson or Dean's Office As Needed
Sponsored Projects Office for Research Five Years
Health Records Health Service Discretion of Physician (as per established internal policies)
Institutional reports Institutional Research Five Years
Payroll Human Resources Permanent
Personnel Records Human Resources Permanent
Purchasing Finance & Business Affairs Five Years
Student Placement Records Department Files Discretion of Director (as per established internal policies)
Student Records (other than academic, health, and placement) Respective Staff Office As Needed
Student Organization Files Student Activities Five Years
University Publications (bulletins, catalogs, handbooks, programs, etc.) Library & Univ. Archives Permanent
Faculty Senate Minutes Faculty Senate Secretary Five Years
ASISU Minutes Student Union (Director's Office) Five Years
Minutes from other committees, councils, etc. Chairperson Files Two Years