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Bus to allow high school students from Fort Hall and Blackfoot to travel to ISU for dual-enrollment classes, helps more students prepare for college

December 14, 2017

Idaho State University’s College of Arts & Letters has received approval for high school students in Fort Hall and Blackfoot to travel to Idaho State University’s campus by commuter bus to participate in on-campus dual-enrollment programs.


            “We are excited to have students from Fort Hall and Blackfoot participate in our on-campus dual-enrollment program,” said Holly Kartchner, College of Arts and Letters Director of Outreach and Retention. “We are glad we can open up this program to more high school students and help them prepare for college.”

            The College of Arts and Letter’s on-campus dual-enrollment program started this fall, but most students were from the Pocatello area due to transportation issues.

            The City of Blackfoot and Pocatello Regional Transit will provide transportation to and from ISU for students to attend classes. The bus is not only for high school students, but for others who need to come to campus as well.


The schedule follows:


                                    Pick Up Times

Snake River H.S.        11:45 a.m.       1:45 p.m.

Riverside Plaza            11:56 a.m.       1:56 p.m.

Sho-Ban Hotel            12:13 p.m.       2:13 p.m.

ISU Central Campus   12:30 p.m.       2:30 p.m.


                                    Drop Off Times

ISU Central Campus   2:30 p.m.         4:30 p.m.

Sho-Ban Hotel            2:47 p.m.         4:47 p.m.

Riverside Plaza            3:04 p.m.         5:04 p.m.

Snake River H.S.        3:15 p.m.         5:15 p.m.


            Last year, the College of Arts and Letters awarded $16,000 in Road Scholars and We the People scholarships to students in Bingham County.

            The on-campus dual-enrollment program allows students to take college-level courses that fulfill both ISU’s core objectives and high school graduation requirements. Fees are covered through the state’s Fast Forward program funds. Courses are available in anthropology, English, history, philosophy, political science, international students, theatre, art and dance.

            If a student is interested in participating in the on-campus dual-enrollment program, they can contact a counselor at their local high school or Holly Kartchner at kartholl@isu.edu (208) 282-5362. Questions regarding the bus schedule can be directed to Kartchner as well.


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