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ISU-Meridian recruiting children for language learning study; participants will receive gift cards

May 23, 2016

Idaho State University-Meridian researchers will provide $100 in gift cards to children who complete a study to help determine how youngsters with language learning difficulties process and understand language.

“The long-term goal is to improve language assessment and treatment strategies,” said project leader Dr. Diane Ogiela, an ISU-Meridian assistant professor and speech language pathologist. Her co-researcher is professor and speech language pathologist, Dr. Jeanne Johnson.

The two are looking for English-speaking children, ages 6 to 8 years, who have normal hearing but have language difficulties.  These are children who probably attend speech-language therapy and are working on learning new words, using grammar correctly, and/or answering questions, said Ogiela.

Participants will receive up to two gift cards totaling $100 for participating in two research sessions that may last up to two hours each. The first session will include a language test and hearing screening, and the second will measure brain development. Participants will receive a $25 gift card to Target or Walmart for completing the first session, and a $75 gift card for the second.

Testing, which will be done at the ISU-Meridian Child Language Lab, 1311 E. Central Drive, will begin immediately.  For more information, call the lab at (208) 373-1870 or email langlab@isu.edu

The project is funded by a $68,000 grant from the Mountain West Clinical and Translational Research-Infrastructure Network.