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Description of Navigate Terms



Advanced Search

Search tool that allows users to search academic and demographic parameters allowing for the identification of specific groups of the student population.


A feature that allows a user (i.e. instructor or advisor) to identify to a student who may potentially be at risk due to a variety of factors. Alerts can also be used for acknowledging a student's strengths and growth.

Appointment Summary

Appointment Summaries let you document information about specific student appointments, such as an Advising or Tutoring appointment


Feature where an Advisor, Tutor, etc. configures the parameters for the scheduling of student appointments. This consists of time, scheduling type (Appointments, Drop-ins, and/or Campaigns), meeting types (in-person, phone, virtual, etc.), and location.


Proactive targeted outreach strategy with a specific goal in mind, such as re-enroll students not yet registered for the upcoming semester.

Care Unit

An entity in Navigate that assists an office, department, division, etc. of an academic institution to support students on their path to graduation through customized appointment scheduling, reporting, case management, and access to data to assist with decision support.


An alert that prompts a coordinated action and follow up for a student identified at risk academically or personally. Only faculty or staff with appropriate permissions have access to view or manage Cases.


Differentiating and searchable student factors provided through the school’s SIS system (e.g., Veterans, Athletes, Academic Warning).

Coordinated Care Network

The network of support services across campus to help students. This network can include academic advisors, faculty, and campus resources such as the Tutoring Center or Financial Aid Office.

Help Center

In-platform resource library outlining platform features and configurations, product updates, administrative resources consisting of  tutorial videos, articles, and access to a support community of others utilizing EAB products.


Workflow hub for both Advising Centers and Tutor Centers, utilizing card swipes to check students in and out and log study time.

Lists/Watch Lists

Dynamic or static list of students that users can create and consistently access in the platform.


Specific offices, colleges, and resources on campus identified as centers for student appointments and assistance.

Navigate Student

EAB's Student centered platform built into a mobile app connecting them to courses, advisors, instructors, events, academic data, and institutional resources. Students use the app to schedule advising appointments and study groups.


A relevant piece of information attached to a student’s profile in Navigate.

Production Site

Active “live” dynamic set of tools for supporting advisors, staff and faculty in student interaction and intervention.

Progress Reports

Also referred to as “Early Alerts;” enables a professor or instructor to indicate how a specific student is performing in class.

Student Services

A term that describes the topic or type of student interaction a faculty/staff member has during an appointment or check-in (e.g. General advising, Registration, Financial aid appeal, etc.).

Student Profile

Provides an overview of a student's major, academic history, Academic Standing, and contact information. Through the student profile users can issue alerts, message the student, and schedule an appointment, etc.

Success Markers

Critical course milestones that are predictive of success in a given major. Student progress in relation to these thresholds can be viewed on their profiles.


Summary of Student Data collected through appointments, campaigns and academic performance. Reports available are dependent on user's access


A tool used to better identify and understand our students' needs. This includes the Intake Survey for first semester students and Quick Polls for quick "Check-ins" throughout the semester


Subjective information not captured in an SIS system (e.g., Students interested in taking study hall, specific course data, debate team, etc).

Training Site

A “sandbox” site developed to allow members to interact with real student data in Navigate.

User Roles

A defined set of permissions for individuals using Navigate (e.g. “Advisors” or “Instructors”).