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Idaho State University
Jeremy Perschon Instrumentation Program Coordinator and Instructor

Jeremy Perschon

Instrumentation Program Coordinator and Instructor

Office: Energy Systems & Technology Education Center 211


Professional Work Experience

Instrumentation Technician – Idaho Supreme – 1.5 years

Process Control Technician – Idahoan Foods – 1 year

Instructor/Coordinator, Instrumentation Engineering Technology – 6 years

Career Highlights

Performed various instrumentation related tasks in the field including calibration, troubleshooting, programming, wiring, etc.

Designed and supervised the installation of custom process control lab stations at ISU

One of my Favorite Professional Experiences…

One of the most rewarding professional experiences here at ISU was mentoring a pair of Instrumentation students that were assisting with a research project. The students were tasked with programming, wiring, and installation of instrumentation to perform wireless valve position monitoring of some manually operated valves in our lab.

I enjoyed working with the students as they accomplished the project. Using the knowledge they gained in the program, they were able to meet and exceed the requirements of the project with only an occasional hint or nudge in the right direction. The project was particularly satisfying to me because, while the students previously hadn’t previously worked with some of the technologies and components, they were able to apply critical thinking skills and foundational knowledge obtained in the program to excel at a difficult task with little intervention needed. To me, that is the fundamental goal of the education provided here at the College of Technology. The students both went on to apply their education and experience as controls designers for a systems integrator in Maryland.

Gregory Brooks Instrumentation Instructor

Greg Brooks



Professional Work Experience

Controls Engineer /Electrical Technician - Alabama –34 Years

Owner Industrial Controls business –Alabama –32 Years

Instructor, Instrumentation College of Technology –Idaho –2 Years

Career Highlights

20+ years in the Pulp and Paper Industry. Worked my way up from being a plant electrician to becoming a Process Controls Engineer prior to becoming an instructor.

One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

Being a member of the Chemical Loop Team. This team had a goal of saving 2 million dollars by reducing steam and chemical use. Primary DCS Engineer for PC setup, OPC setup and tag configuration, PI Data historian tags and configuration, MPC (Model Predictive Control) to DCS (Distributive Controls System) Communications, Regulatory Controls in DCS, Instrument installation, Loop Tuning, Script design for proper line up of controls prior to switch from DCS control to MPC Control, Watch-dog timer design and configuration for swap back to DCS Regulatory Control on communication failure. A total of 11 MPC Controllers across two separate lines were implemented.

Don Shepherd Instructor, Energy Systems Technology & Education Center

Don Shepherd

Electronics/Instrumentation Instructor


Don Shepherd Fishing with grandchild

Professional Work Experience

Electronic Technician, E.G.&G. Las Vegas Nevada - 2 years

Electronic/Instrumentation, Technician/Supervisor INL - 34 years

Instructor, College of Technology, ESTEC - 15 years

Career Highlights

Nuclear weapons testing, Nevada Test Site

Nuclear Energy Research and Development, INL

Teaching students in ESTEC

One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

I have been very fortunate to have worked with both Engineers and Technicians on several one-of a–kind projects over the years. To help design, build, and maintain these special projects has been great. But there is nothing more rewarding than our students, after graduating, coming back to tell us about their new jobs with the excellent companies that hire them.