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Idaho State University
John Baker Information Technology Instructor

John Baker

Information Technology Instructor

Office: Trade & Technology Building


Professional Work Experience

  • Apprentice, Ministry of Defence – 4 years
  • Customer Support, Hewlett-Packard  – 15 years
  • Consultant, Microsoft Corporation – 14 years
  • Instructor, College of Technology ITS Program – 2 years

 Career Highlights

  • Paratrooper, Army Reserve (UK)
  • Customer Engineer, UK/Canada/USA, Hewlett-Packard
  • Technology Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation
  • Instructor, ISU’s Information Technology Program

 One of Your Favorite Professional Experiences

Working for Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard provided me with an amazing opportunity for travel and technology, including working in four countries: UK, US, Canada and Germany.  In my last job at Microsoft, my team delivered seminars and product launch events nationwide, including events like the Windows 7 and Windows Server launches.  These were delivered in large cities with audiences of over 1,000, which was both exhilarating and nerve racking at the same time.

As much as possible I would take advantage of the locations we visited and indulge in my hobbies of snow skiing or scuba diving.  Failing either of those being available, as a foodie, I would take advantage of the trying out the local cuisines.