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Idaho State University
Gerald Holmes Hydraulic Instructor

Gerald Holmes

Coordinator / Instructor

208- 282-5814 Shop

Graduate of I.S.U. Diesel 1984 AAS Diesel

Graduate in HRD/ Professional Technical education 2015 BSA

After completing and graduating from this program in 1984, I went right to work for Western States Caterpillar. I worked for them for 21 years, 7 years in the main shop and 14 in the hydraulic shop. It was there where I received my Mobile Hydraulic certification. For the past 11 years I have been teaching and sharing my experiences with students and preparing them for a great future in the Diesel Mechanic field. I teach the Hydraulic and Engine classes and look forward to seeing you in our program.

Lance Schwope Diesel Instructor

Lance Schwope


208-282-5814 Shop

Graduate of Wyoming Technical collage AAS

I worked for many years in the automotive industry specializing in the diesel engines and electrical components working for Lithia Dodge in Pocatello. When the opening for an electrical instructor became open at ISU, I jumped at the opportunity to teach. I have been teaching the electrical and introduction classes for the past 10 years, loving my job and trying to give back to the youth of today the skills necessary to succeed in today’s world.

Terro Anderson Diesel Instructor

Terro Anderson


208-282-5814 Shop

Graduate of the I.S.U. Diesel program in the 80’s AAS Diesel Electric

Graduate of I.S.U. Electrical Engineering BAS

I worked for Central Equipment for some time and then moved on to work at Caterpillar Western States Equipment. After working there for 7 years, I went to work for F.M.C. at the dry valley mine operation outside of Soda Springs, Idaho as a mechanic. I then had the opportunity to move to the plant in Pocatello as an electrician. I worked there until the plant was shut down. From there, I went back to school at ISU for Electrical Engineering. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I worked for several firms until I had the opportunity to come back to teach in the Diesel program here at ISU. I have been teaching the Fuels and Engines classes for the past 7 years and love sharing my talents with students and look forward to continuing to teach for many years to come.

Kevin Cornwall Diesel / On-Site Power Generation Instructor

Kevin Cornwall


208-282-3907 Shop

Graduate of the Automotive and auto body programs early 90’s

I have had several years’ experience working in a truck shop and then moved on to work with my father in his tree service business. This is where I also gained my experience working on all the equipment we had for the business. I have now been teaching here at ISU’s Diesel program as the Power Trains instructor. I love the opportunity to teach others how to love this field of expertise. I also hope to be able to share all that I have gained with my students to give them the opportunity to excel in the field of Diesel Mechanics.

David Nava Diesel / On-Site Power Generation Instructor

David Nava


208-282-5814 Shop

I am a graduate of the ISU Diesel program. Upon my graduation, I went to work for Rocky Mountain Cummins/Rush Truck Center out of Salt Lake City where I became certified in rebuilding most of Cummins’ engines. I am now the instructor for the Diesel Engines, Emissions and Engine Electronics courses. I have very much enjoyed my work here working with the students of our future. Anything I can do to help the next generation in this great field of Diesel Mechanics is why I am here. I love to see the excitement in a student’s eyes when they are being taught.

 Warren Scrivner Diesel / On-Site Power Generation Instructor Aid

Warren Scrivner

Instructor Aid

208-282-5814 Shop

Graduated from the Diesel program 3 years ago

I am a retired officer from the Coast Guard. After retiring, I wanted to return to college to learn something new, so I decided to go through this program. When I was finishing up with the on-site class, the job became open for the instructor aid; I applied and got the job. This has been one of the best experiences in my life. I enjoy the students and love to be a part of the great staff we have in this program.