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Gerald Holmes Hydraulic Instructor

Gerald Holmes

Coordinator / Instructor

208- 282-5814 Shop

Graduate of I.S.U. Diesel 1984 AAS Diesel

Graduate in HRD/ Professional Technical education 2015 BSA

After completing and graduating from this program in 1984, I went right to work for Western States Caterpillar. I worked for them for 21 years, 7 years in the main shop and 14 in the hydraulic shop. It was there where I received my Mobile Hydraulic certification. For the past 11 years I have been teaching and sharing my experiences with students and preparing them for a great future in the Diesel Mechanic field. I teach the Hydraulic and Engine classes and look forward to seeing you in our program.

 Warren Scrivner Diesel / On-Site Power Generation Instructor Aid

Warren Scrivner

Instructor Aid

208-282-5814 Shop

Graduated from the Diesel program 3 years ago

I am a retired officer from the Coast Guard. After retiring, I wanted to return to college to learn something new, so I decided to go through this program. When I was finishing up with the on-site class, the job became open for the instructor aid; I applied and got the job. This has been one of the best experiences in my life. I enjoy the students and love to be a part of the great staff we have in this program.

Terro Anderson Diesel Instructor

Terro Anderson


208-282-5814 Shop

Graduate of the I.S.U. Diesel program in the 80’s AAS Diesel Electric

Graduate of I.S.U. Electrical Engineering BAS

I worked for Central Equipment for some time and then moved on to work at Caterpillar Western States Equipment. After working there for 7 years, I went to work for F.M.C. at the dry valley mine operation outside of Soda Springs, Idaho as a mechanic. I then had the opportunity to move to the plant in Pocatello as an electrician. I worked there until the plant was shut down. From there, I went back to school at ISU for Electrical Engineering. After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I worked for several firms until I had the opportunity to come back to teach in the Diesel program here at ISU. I have been teaching the Fuels and Engines classes for the past 7 years and love sharing my talents with students and look forward to continuing to teach for many years to come.

Kevin Cornwall Diesel / On-Site Power Generation Instructor

Kevin Cornwall


208-282-3907 Shop

Graduate of the Automotive and auto body programs early 90’s

I have had several years’ experience working in a truck shop and then moved on to work with my father in his tree service business. This is where I also gained my experience working on all the equipment we had for the business. I have now been teaching here at ISU’s Diesel program as the Power Trains instructor. I love the opportunity to teach others how to love this field of expertise. I also hope to be able to share all that I have gained with my students to give them the opportunity to excel in the field of Diesel Mechanics.

David Nava Diesel / On-Site Power Generation Instructor

David Nava


208-282-5814 Shop

I am a graduate of the ISU Diesel program. Upon my graduation, I went to work for Rocky Mountain Cummins/Rush Truck Center out of Salt Lake City where I became certified in rebuilding most of Cummins’ engines. I am now the instructor for the Diesel Engines, Emissions and Engine Electronics courses. I have very much enjoyed my work here working with the students of our future. Anything I can do to help the next generation in this great field of Diesel Mechanics is why I am here. I love to see the excitement in a student’s eyes when they are being taught.

Brent Romriell Instructor Diesel/ On-Site Power Generation Technology

Brent Romriell