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All Materials for workshops are included with the fee paid. Workshops can be scheduled at any time that works for you by calling in or scheduling in person. There must be four or more people in order to schedule a workshop.

Workshops that can be scheduled, if there are four or more people interested:

Learn Calligraphy 2 hours- $10 ISU Students $15 Community

Fused Glass  5x5 space in the glass kiln.  1.5 hours- $20 ISU Students  $25 Community

Fused Glass Night Light 1.5 hours- $20 Students $25 Community

Silk scarf/wall tapestry 2 hours-$20 Students $25 Community

Silk Hoop Painting 1 hour- $20 ISU Students $20 Community 

Needle Felting Mushroom 2.5 hours- $15 ISU Students $20 Community 

Macrame Plant Hanger- $15 ISU Students $20 Community

5x7 Resin Sun Catchers 2 hours- $15 ISU Students $20 Community 

Mosaic Stepping Stones 2 hours- $20 ISU Students $25 Community

Stamp Carving 1.5 hours- $15 ISU Students $20 Community 

Chunky hand knit throw 3.5 hours- $65 ISU Student $75 Community