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Available Crafts

You'll be happy with the many tools you can use here. We have workspaces for woodworking, pottery, sewing, photo matting, paper cutting, and working with fabrics and leather. Our craft equipment list is long, and we also have a small store with tools for ceramics, fabrics, webbing, jewelry making, and more to assist you with your projects.


Craft Shop's clay studio offers tools for both throwing and hand-building. With eleven electric wheels, a slab roller, an extruder, two electric kilns (for up to cone 5 glaze firing), rolling pins, various glazes, and tool kits, you can create unique clay projects. Membership or a day pass is needed for studio access, and we also sell clay and tool kits. Check out our beginner pottery classes too!


Available Clay Bodies $26

Clay Types Cone Amount
Rod's Bod 10 25lbs
B-mix 5 25lbs
B-mix w/ grog 5 25lbs
Red B-mix w/ grog 5 25lbs
Oregon Brown 5 25lbs
Electric Brown 5 25lbs
Recycled 5 12lbs for $9


We have workshops available for you to learn how to needle felt.
The Craft Shop also has paper making equipment including screens, felts, tubs and a pulp beater.

Mat Cutting

The skilled Craft Shop staff is ready to assist you in matting and mounting your unique pictures, poems, or artwork. Equipped with professional mat cutters and a dry mount press, the shop provides the tools you need for a successful project. If you're missing materials, explore the Craft Shop for a diverse selection of mat materials.


The Craft Shop is your go-to spot for all your sewing needs, providing a comprehensive selection of tools for your project, including scissors, seam rippers, tapes, rulers, measuring gauges, needles, pins, alcohol burners, and webbing cutters. Our sewing area is well-equipped with sewing machines and a serger. Additionally, we offer a variety of fabrics, webbing, shock cord, and hardware, encompassing buckles, sliders, toggles, and yard-long zipper tape. As you work in the Craft Shop, take advantage of our free patterns available in our files to enhance your creative endeavors.

Wood Shop

For those interested in carpentry and woodworking the wood shop has all the safety tools and equipment you need! Bring your own wood, nails, glue, and sandpaper and create your masterpiece.

You must be cleared on all machinery before you can utilize the woodshop.