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6 p.m. - 8 p.m. 

The evening will begin with a free dinner on the Quad, followed by Convocation at Davis Field and ending with March Through the Arch at Swanson Arch. We can't wait to see you there!

Take your first steps as a new Bengal!

Convocation is the bookend to commencement, or graduation. Convocation is a student’s official welcome to their academic career. At convocation we will aim to inspire new students, help them feel a connection to their new university family, and demonstrate ISU’s commitment to supporting students as they pursue their education. All new students are strongly encouraged to attend this important milestone.

The March through the Arch tradition was started in 2000. Swanson Hall, constructed in 1902, was the first building at the Academy of Idaho, now Idaho State University. The structure was razed in 1973, but the Swanson Arch, the building’s entrance, was saved and now stands on campus. A spirited ceremony takes place each fall when new students pass through the arch southward into campus. In May, graduates look to the future by passing northward back through the arch symbolizing their exit from the university and entrance into new life adventures. Thousands of students have passed through this arch, which preserves a major part of Idaho State University's history.


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