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Computerized Machining Technology


Steve Clay Master Instructor and Coordinator: Computerized Machining Technology

Steve Clay

Clinical Assistant Professor / Coordinator



Professional Experience

  • Metallurgical Engineer – 18 years
  • R & D Machinist – 4 years
  • Instructor, Computerized Machining Technology since 2003

Why I changed careers at age 44:

Most of the 18 years that I spent as a metallurgical engineer, I was working at a couple of small gold and silver mines. While I had the satisfaction of holding around $40,000 of gold/silver ore in hand each week before shipping it out to the refinery, I found that I did not truly enjoy most of the job. What I truly love to do is make things, so when I got the opportunity to go back to school and re-train I picked Machining Technology. I look forward to going to work because I get to build something new virtually every day – and they PAY me to do it.  Now I have the chance to teach others, to pass on my passion for creating things. How much better can it get?!

 Steve Clay Master Instructor and Coordinator: Computerized Machining Technology

This is a picture of me with my classic 1973 Suzuki GT 750 “Water Buffalo”. I bought it new when I first went to college and then re-furbished it when I became a machinist. This past summer I took it on a 3,200 mile ride to visit family around the country.

Ashley McCammon Machining Technology Instructor

Ashley McCammon

Clinical Instructor

(208) 282-3262


Ashley McCammon's TruckProfessional Work Experience

  • Owner of a High Performance Engine shop – 15 years
  • Machinist in the nuclear field – 6 years
  • Instructor at I.S.U. College of Technology Machining Program – 2 years

 Career Highlights

  • Practiced Machining for over 15 years
  • Have built many types of engines from Briggs & Stratton to Blown Alcohol Hemi’s
  • Built a 1968 Chevrolet C-10 pickup from the frame up along with many other Hot Rods

One of my Favorite Professional Experiences

My favorite professional experiences would have to be the education I received from the College of Tech at ISU. Without my education, I would not have the chance to do something I enjoy and still get paid for it. Machining amazes me every day, being able to see shape form out of raw material. It is something that amazes everyone!