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September 2019: Matt Corral

Matt Corral has spent the last two semesters interning for the College of Technology’s Computer Technical Support department. As an senior in the Information Technology Systems program, Corral was able to put his knowledge of computers to work, helping students, faculty, and staff with any and all of their technological difficulties. Corral’s duties include responding to user service tickets that come in, building new software images for lab configurations, troubleshooting network connection issues, and installing classroom projectors. Corral has also spent the last semester overhauling the College of Technology’s computer and ewaste disposal process.

“Matt is very capable and knowledgeable in his field of study (Information Technology Systems,” stated Dale Talbert, Senior Computer Analyst in the Computer Technology Support department and Corral’s supervisor. “He also has a great work ethic and attitude, coming in early and leaving late to make sure jobs are completed.”

Corral’s duties and responsibilities have recently expanded into supporting computer networks and server equipment.

“This internship has been very helpful for me as it has given me job experience in activities that I will actually be doing in my real job after graduation,” explained Corral. “I have also been able to learn how to communicate better with people, which helps me do my job better.”

Originally from Eureka, California, Corral will graduate from the Information Technology Systems program in December 2019. After graduation, he hopes to find employment in the region. In his spare time he enjoys paper crafting, making origami, and gaming.

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October 2019: Maya Tillotson

Maya Tillotson is a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Tillotson currently holds a CPI internship at the Idaho State University Health Center where she is responsible for promoting health related events around campus, hosting tables and booths for healthcare information outreach and advertising the clinic through social media platforms. Tillotson also formed a food drive for Benny’s Pantry, an on-campus food pantry exclusively serving Idaho State University students, staff and faculty, with the mission to alleviate food insecurity in the ISU community.

“Through my internship I have found a passion for sharing important healthcare information with as many individuals as possible, “ explained Tillotson. “I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to be healthy and to be educated about all the medical options available to them.”

Tillotson is currently undertaking a new project at the ISU Health Center that is focusing on creating health related Frequently Asked Questions that will be distributed to the campus community. Tillotson will complete the FAQs by interviewing health professionals and collecting and combining the information they provide into an easily understandable document.

“Maya has shown that she is a vital member or the Health Center team,” stated Crystal Ross, ISU Health Center Business Operations Manager and Tillotson’s supervisor. “Maya learns quickly, is a self-starter and has been instrumental in developing marketing material including videos, banners, posters while taking care of all of our social media.”  

Originally from Nampa, Idaho, Tillotson will graduate from Idaho State University in the spring of 2021. After graduation, she plans on working in the healthcare field and then hopes to return to Idaho State University to pursue a master’s degree in Public Health. In her free time, Tillotson enjoys fishing, traveling, and enjoying a cup of tea and a podcast on the weekend.

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November 2019: Jonathan Match

Jonathan Match is in the Master of Physical Education – Athletic Administration program at Idaho State University. Match currently holds a CPI internship with ISU’s Department of Athletics where he is responsible for all the sports information needs for the track & field and cross country teams. His duties include writing meet recaps, previews of meets and student athlete feature articles. Match also creates graphics and videos for the entire athletic program as well as running the audio and video stream of the weekly “Coaches Show,” which is available on Idaho State Athletics’ Facebook page.

“This internship and my supervisor, Steve Schaack, have taught me more about the inner workings of athletic administration than I would have ever been able to learn,” explained Match. “When I finish my MPE-AA program I will be graduating with years of experience in the field. This internship has allowed me to decide on a branch of administration that I like and given me the experience needed to secure a job in this field when I have graduated.”

Recently, Match has been able to represent Idaho State University as a Sports Information Director at some of the away games and has truly enjoyed traveling to ISU’s opponents’ universities including University of Utah, Gonzaga, and Utah Valley University.

“Jon has elevated the work in our office with his desire to learn and be better,” explained Steven Schaack, Assistant Athletic Director of Media Relations and Match’s supervisor. “He has written outstanding event recap and human interest stories, goes out of his way to help others in the office, and will be well prepared for his first full-time job after he graduates.”

Originally from Allen, Texas, Match enjoys spending time camping and fishing with his wife. Match will graduate in August 2020 and hopes to land a job as a director of media relations or sports information at a mid-sized Division I university.

December 2019: Tasha Degiulio

Tasha Degiulio is a sophomore pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. Degiulio currently holds a CPI internship with the College of Education’s Center Center for Student Success. During her internship, Degiulio has assisted with numerous events for the college including Future Educators Day held in March.  Tasha has also conducted research focusing on recruiting and retaining educators in rural areas, resilience trauma in the classroom, and recruitment techniques for prospective students.

“Tasha’s work with us is essential because she is our voice for the students and therefore, helps us best communicate with our student population,” explained Amy Dressel, College of Education Outreach & Marketing Coordinator and Degiulio’s supervisor.  “We love Tasha and are excited to have her in our teacher preparation program because she is the exact type of person we want as a teacher educating our next generation of leaders.”

During her time as a CPI intern, Degiulio has proven to be a valued team member in the College of Education. Not only has she proven her worth as an intern, Degiulio’s experience has helped solidify her aspirations after college.

“My experiences as an intern have helped me realize how important it is to become an educator,” stated Degiulio. “After graduation I hope to find a place where I can impact children’s lives and help them succeed.”

Originally from Blackfoot, Idaho, Degiulio intends to begin her career as an educator after she graduates in May 2022. In her spare time, Degiulio enjoys swimming, traveling, and being outdoors with her dogs.

January 2020: Parker Pratt

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Parker Pratt is a senior pursuing a degree in Music through Idaho State University’s School of Performing Arts. Pratt has been working as a CPI intern within the Stephens Performing Art Center since the beginning of Fall semester. During his internship, Pratt has assisted with graphic design for various events, written press releases, and even helped execute the first-ever ISU Chorus flashmob. Most recently, Pratt helped organize an “After Glow” event, which occurred directly after the initial performance of “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: The Musical.” This event was created to bring the community, actors, and the production & theatre staff together to celebrate opening night. 

“Parker's been incredible at creating dynamic designs for promotions,” explained Meg Stover, Business & Promotions Manager for the School of Performing Arts and Pratt’s supervisor. “Even with a busy and stressful semester, he comes to work with a smile on his face and an excellent attitude.”

Outside of his internship and school responsibilities, Pratt also runs his own graphic design company, PM Designs.

“This internship has really opened me up to many career possibilities,” stated Pratt. “Not only did I have the courage to start my own company after gaining skills within my internship, but I also realized that I can channel my creative side through both music and graphic design.”

Originally from Boise, Pratt will graduate in May 2020 and plans to move to Salt Lake City to begin his professional career. In his spare time, Pratt enjoys reading and being outdoors.






February 2020: MaKenna Little

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MaKenna Little is a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Business Administration through Idaho State University’s College of Business. Little has been working as a CPI intern with MedMan, a physician practice management company that works with medical clinics to improve operations.  During her internship, Little has worked on many projects including helping implement an electronic health records system for a regional clinic, developing a recruitment tool kit, and overseeing the front desk at MedMan’s Boise location.

“Over the past ten months, MaKenna has not just learned and grown as an intern but has provided significant value to both organizations,” stated Jesse Arnoldson, Business Development Director at MedMan and Little’s supervisor. “She has led several successful projects including the development and implementation of our clinic’s new app, is always ready to help with her strong skill set and is just a great person to be around.”

During her internship, Little has been able to work on gaining experience in each of the core competencies suggested by the Medical Group Management Association, a national professional association of medical practice administrators and managers. This wide variety of experience will help Little in her future career.  

“I have really enjoyed getting such a vast experience including experience in a leadership role,” explained Little. “I have learned how to work with people and have difficult conversations, when necessary. My CPI internship has solidified the fact that I am in the right industry.”

Little will graduate in December 2020 and hopes to continue working for MedMan in a full-time role. Originally from Fruitland, Idaho, Little enjoys skiing, hiking, and participating in cross fit.


March 2020- Jett Hawk


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Jett Hawk is a junior pursuing a Bachelors of Business Administration with a minor in Chemistry. Hawk has been working as a CPI intern at the Idaho Accelerator Center for the past two semesters. The Idaho Accelerator Center is a unique research facility operated by Idaho State University that provides opportunities for research in specialized nuclear facilities.

“Jett works in our radioisotope lab and performs duties such as chromatography, mass spectrometry, and fabrication of parts,” commented Tim Gardner, Radio Chemist at the Idaho Accelerator Center and Hawk’s supervisor. “He has great attention to detail, is very perceptive and is able to pick up on some relatively difficult scientific principles without much effort.”

Recently, Hawk has been assisting in a project that uses chemical reactions to create a specialized type of copper that is used in cancer treatments. This process includes small purification steps that eventually lead to a material that can be used to fight one of the top causes of mortality in the United States; cancer.

“It’s been cool to learn real life applications of chemistry,” stated Hawk. “It’s really rewarding to work on this project and see the progress we have made.”

Hawk expects to graduate in May 2022 after which he hopes to join the U.S. Air Force.

“I have participated in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) since I was twelve,” explained Hawk. “I love flying and have been able to travel to Australia, Washington D.C., Colorado, and Alabama with CAP.”

Eventually Hawk would like to enter politics, but until then he spends his time studying, working at his internship, and playing rugby and football. 

April 2020 - Charlotte McBride



Charlotte McBride is a senior pursuing a degree in Communication, Media and Persuasion with minors in journalism, advertising, and public relations. McBride currently holds a Career Path Internship (CPI) within the College of Business’ marketing department, where she has created branded content for the college that can be seen both on and off campus. McBride’s other projects have included creating an alumni spotlight series, filming and editing videos, and writing the College of Business’ weekly blog.

“Due to her internship, Charlotte has become skilled at video editing and basic animation,” state Kelsey West, Director of Marketing for the College of Business and McBride’s supervisor. “She has become a very good designer, and learned the value of research in writing blog articles.”

One project McBride is particularly proud of is the Business Bulletin, an online and printed magazine that has circulated both within the campus community, College of Business alumni, and the local community.  

“Through my experience as a CPI I have learned who I am as a person and what I want to do after graduation,” explained McBride. “I started as a theatre major, switched to video production, and then got this internship. My experience here led me to my current major (Communications, Media and Persuasion), and helped me learn how to take pride in my work.”

McBride, a Pocatello native, will graduate in December 2020. She hopes to attend Utah State to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in graphic design. Eventually, McBride has her sights set on becoming a chief creative office where she can apply her skills and her eye for detail to help companies succeed. In her spare time, McBride enjoys writing, drawing and playing video games.

May 2020 - Emma Bailey

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Emma Bailey is a junior pursuing a degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis in graphic design. Bailey currently holds a Career Path Internship at the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls, where she has been able to put her skills to work creating marketing elements including posters and outdoor banners for the museum’s evolving exhibits.

Recently, Bailey won the Diamond Award for best overall ad campaign in East Idaho. This award was given by the Idaho Falls Advertising Federation, with judges located statewide. Bailey proved her skills as a graphic designer by winning this overall professional category while still a student at Idaho State University.

“Emma has contributed impressive work on a number of campaigns and initiatives for us at the Museum of Idaho,” stated Jeff Carr, Museum of Idaho Director of Public Relations and Bailey’s supervisor. “It’s gratifying to see her good work being noticed and recognized by industry professionals. She is a joy to work with.”

Initially starting her degree, Bailey was unsure if visual communications was the correct track for her. Bailey had always been interested in the arts, taking painting, ceramics, photography and yearbook throughout high school. Entering ISU Bailey recognized that she needed to learn Adobe products to succeed academically and professionally.

“Interning at the Museum of Idaho has given me the confidence and practice I needed to know that graphic design is the career path for me,” explained Bailey. “The projects they give me never get old, and I love working with them to produce something awesome.”

Upon graduating, Bailey hopes to work as an in-house graphic designer in Idaho Falls. Originally from Rigby, Idaho, Bailey enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and Huckleberry, the couple’s golden retriever. She also plays the guitar, paints, and enjoys finding ways to be creative just for fun.

June 2020: Christie Collier

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Christie Collier is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Learning and Performance. Collier currently holds a Career Path Internship in the Energy Systems Technology and Education Center (ESTEC), a part of Idaho State University’s College of Technology where she has been able to put her background in nuclear operations technology to work.

Recently, Collier has helped develop curriculum for the Nuclear Operations Technology program as well as assisting in the adjustment to delivering course content to students using online delivery. She also helps tutor students to help them gain a better understanding of the program’s course content.

“The work she has done has helped students access what they need online while learning remotely,” stated Mackenzie Gorham, the Nuclear Operations Technology Program Coordinator and Collier’s supervisor. “She has also been a resource for other instructors inside ESTEC.

Collier developed a pipe variation model for ISU students that was so successful that she entered the prototype into the 2019 Idaho Entrepreneurial Challenge. Her prototype was selected as one of the top 23 finalists.

“It was great working with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED) and the College of Business.” Explained Collier. “I also consider being able to mentor students as they transition into these technical courses, especially women who are entering a non-traditional career, a highlight of my internship.

Collier, a Pocatello native, hopes to work for INL after she graduates in December 2020. In her spare time, Collier enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors with her family, and soaking at Lava Hot Springs.


July 2020: Radhika Narsinghani

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Radhika Narsinghani is a fourth-year pharmacy student at Idaho State University. Narsinghani currently holds a Career Path Internship at the College of Pharmacy’s Meridian campus. Her internship has included work with a statewide survey of pharmacy practice in Idaho, where she assisted in analyzing the survey results to improve pharmacy practice within the state.

“She is incredibly thoughtful in her work and asks insightful questions,” stated Dr. Elaine Nguyen, College of Pharmacy Assistant Professor and Narsinghani’s supervisor. “She problem solves, contributes to our team as a collaborative member, and is always professional.”

During her work with the statewide survey, Narsinghani made targeted phone calls to pharmacies in areas of the state with low participation. From these efforts, Narsinghani significantly increased the survey’s response rates.

“From this experience I learned that hard-work and determination to accomplish a task is important for the success of any project and that I shouldn't be hesitant/scared of what the results will be,” explained Narsinghani. “I am very grateful to get this research experience while I am in pharmacy school, because good communication skills are really essential for a pharmacist to have.”

Narsinghani, a Boise native, hopes to do a residency and dedicate her knowledge towards educating patients with diabetes and hypertension. She intends to specialize in ambulatory and geriatric care upon graduating in May 2021. In her spare time, Narsinghani enjoys dancing, drama, and singing. 


August 2020: Jake Shields

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Jake Shields is a senior pursuing a bachelor's degree in Microbiology and Anthropology at Idaho State University. Shields currently holds a Career Path Internship position with the Bioarcheology and Histology laboratory at ISU where he has contributed to many important projects including forensic research, aiding in cold case projects, processing archeological remains, and utilizing an array of anthropological, anatomical, osteological and biological methods to aid in these projects. 

“He initially learned to make thin sections of human ribs from a modern cadaveric sample of opioid users and has been a great asset in aiding other students learn to create thin sections and slides of hard tissues from modern and archaeological remains as well, including sections of a tooth from a Bolivian mummy and for open forensic cases,” shared Dr Samantha Blatt, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Shield’s supervisor. 

Other internship duties included maceration, sectioning, slide preparation, and preparing protocols for making thin sections which would be easier for his fellow students to follow. 

"One of my favorite highlights from my CPI was handling and processing a tooth from a 500 year old Incan mummy,” stated Shields. “I have learned an extraordinary amount of useful laboratory skills and gained a much greater appreciation for forensic sciences, which is a field I hope to be a part of for my future career.” 

Shields has also been involved in organizing data from unidentified persons reported in National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) throughout the Northwest in order to identify patterns of reporting forensic cases to develop a better understanding of improving the systems inclusivity. 

Originally from Meridian, Shields hopes to attend the University of Utah to pursue a PhD in Microbiology with a potential future career in forensics. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, outdoor activities and seeking adventure.

September 2020 - Aryn Truesdell

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Aryn Truesdell is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Advocacy at Idaho State University. Truesdell currently holds a Career Path Internship position with the Southeast Idaho Council of Governments (SICOG) where she has contributed to multiple Transportation projects and the marketing materials related to these projects as well as participating in health fairs and outreach.

“Aryn is always very creative when putting together a vision, and is diligent in completion of projects,” shared Molly Swallow, Transportation Specialist for SICOG and Truesdell’s off-campus supervisor. “We are fortunate to have Aryn taking on a new project this year with our Safe Routes to School Program. She is assisting in developing a program from the ground up,” continued Swallow.

Other internship duties included creating marketing materials for Pocatello Regional Transit (PRT) and writing Mobility Moment, a monthly newsletter about transportation in Southeast Idaho.

“I did a study on J-route last semester and it was nice to see how my observations, work, and recommendations went into planning the current J-route to include the new Eames Complex this semester,” stated Truesdell. “I’ve gained a lot of great tools to use on future projects, and made amazing connections with people I know will always be good acquaintances and mentors. My internship has solidified my future plans to work in non-profit marketing, project development, and fundraising; it’s given me resources, knowledge, and confidence I need to make my dream career happen.”

Originally from Idaho Falls, Truesdell plans to get a Masters in Nonprofit Administration and a Masters in Marketing. Her dream job is working as a contractor or starting a business to help smaller, more hands-on non-profits with their marketing and finding funding through grants, endowments, and fundraising programs. In her spare time, she likes to play video games, read, forage for wild edible plants and fungi, and care for her many pets.

October 2020 - Connor Harper

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Connor Harper is a doctoral student pursuing a PhD degree in Physics at Idaho State University. Harper currently holds a Career Path Internship position with the ISU Physics Department where he constructed a new laboratory in the physical science building's clean room that would provide undergraduates with a data collection platform for research.

“Harper established a new research lab that brings cutting edge research within reach of undergraduates,” shared Tony Forest, Professor in the Department of Physics, Nuclear, and Electrical Engineering and Harper’s supervisor.  The lab allows students to research the spontaneous fission events from Californium-252 and verify the Burggraf-Forest-Dale Effect (BFD Effect) discovered at the Idaho Accelerator Center two years ago. “The BFD Effect is the blocking of neutrons by the remnants of the induced nuclear fission reaction,” explained Harper. Although currently not understood, the neutron blocking appears to be correlated with the direction of the fission fragments that are also emitted during the fission process.   “Connor Harper spent the summer constructing a new lab in the Physics basement at ISU that will allow undergraduate students to measure this correlation of the neutrons and investigate the reasons for these correlations”, explained Forest.

Harper shared “The biggest highlights of my internship experience were being able to create something that other students will get to use to further their own knowledge of fundamental physics as well as have an advisor, Dr. Tony Forest, who was always willing to answer my questions and lend a hand over the summer when needed.” 

Originally from a small town in Western England, Harper hopes to become a research scientist studying fundamental physics at a national lab or make the shift into the field of radiation safety.  In his spare time, he likes to work on and ride his motorcycle up through Caribou National Forest and around Pocatello.



Idaho State University student Cory Scoffield, who  is pursuing his degree in surveying and geomatics engineering and surveying technology, has been honored as ISU’s November Career Path Intern of the Month and enjoyed some adventures during his internship.

  He holds a Career Path Internship position with the Idaho Transportation Department where he has performed a variety of surveying tasks in support of numerous projects.

Scoffield said a highlight of the internship was hiking through the Arco Desert and nearly stepping on a rattlesnake, not once, but twice in one day.

 “We now wear snake gaiters when out in the desert,” he said.

Another memorable moment of his internship includes driving up a steep mountainside to reach a survey monument in a fully loaded work truck for a static survey observation and then getting back down, which “was both scary and exciting. ” He also hiked through waist-deep snow up a steep hillside carrying armfuls of equipment to set a right-of-way monument that “really made me appreciate summertime surveying,” Scoffield said.

Internship activities he has been involved with include:

·   Assisting in boundary/right-of-way surveys and field reconnaissance;

·   Researching project area, land history, and other survey records;

·   Assisting in survey monument preservation;

·   Operating various survey equipment, including GPS units, data collectors, digital levels and rods and 3D scanners; and

·   Using various CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) programs.

“Much of Mr. Scoffield’s CADD work culminates in documents that are recorded at county courthouses in Idaho. His name is on those records as the draftsman, and his work will be forever preserved,” said Ryen Johnson, district location land surveyor and Scoffield’s supervisor. “He learns quickly, remembers what he has learned, applies guiding principles to resolve problems, and autonomously thinks situations through with care, occasionally asking for guidance.”

Originally from Pocatello, Scoffield hopes to continue his career in land surveying. He hopes to take the Fundamentals of Surveying exam and work as a Licensed Surveying Intern somewhere in Idaho, then gain experience and get his Professional Land Surveying license. In his spare time, he likes to travel, hike, bike, backpack, kayak, spend time with friends and family playing board and card games, and watching movies.