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Dean's Advisory Board

The Dean's Advisory Board is a group of alumni and friends of the College of Arts and Letters who volunteer their time to assist the Dean and his or her colleagues in their efforts to grow the College of Arts and Letters and to make it a more attractive educational alternative to current as well as prospective students.

Assist in identifying and communicating effectively with alumni and friends of the College of Arts and Letters in your community by:

  • Helping to organize and support alumni events
  • Participating in fundraising activities
  • Identifying and networking with alumni

Become informed advocates of the programs and opportunities offered by the College of Arts and Letters by:

  • Attending the semi-annual advisory board meetings
  • Promoting the College programs to friends, colleagues and associates
  • Identifying potential University donors, facilitating introductions and/or providing contact information to appropriate University personnel

At the invitation of the Dean, assist with special projects and activities such as:

  • Serving on search committees
  • Assisting with scholarship selection
  • Assisting with alumni awards nominations and candidate selection
  • Assisting with high school recruiting and outreach
  • Assisting with electronic forms of outreach to alumni, students, and faculty and student recruits
  • Facilitating the development and activity of other College advisory boards (e.g., student, emeritus, community)

Provide input and advice to the Dean as critical friends of the College and University by:

  • Providing an external view regarding the College's reputation and image
  • Providing perspective regarding student preparation for the job market and employer satisfaction with recently hired graduates
  • Providing recommendations for curriculum content adjustments
  • Providing input on mission, vision, and strategic plan for the College as it relates to the reputation and image of the College

In order to help ensure that these responsibilities are successfully discharged, Council members are strongly encouraged to attend both of the semi-annual Council meetings and complete assignments as agreed. Council members are also encouraged to lead by example by responding favorably to College and University fundraising efforts.

Sharon Price (Chair)

Sharon Price

Chair of the Dean's Advisory Board

BA American Studies '86

Idaho Falls, ID

Served since Fall '10

Kellie Purce Braseth

BA Journalism '82; MA English '89

Olympia, WA

Served since Spring '08

Richard Maestas

BS Mathematics '65

Los Altos, CA

Served since Spring '08 

Rayna Valentine

MA English '71

Pocatello, ID

Served since Fall '11

Josh Tolman

BA International Studies '97; MPA Public Administration '01

Pocatello, ID

Served since Spring '14

April Fritch

MS Psychology '04, Ph.D. '07

Lakewood, WA

Served since Spring '15

Victor Joe

Psychology Professor Emeritus

Lake Oswego, OR

Served since Fall '15

Jason Bohne

BA Mass Communication '98

Knoxville, TN

Served since Fall '16

Valorie Watkins

BA French '66

Pocatello, ID

Served since Spring '18

Ron Hatzenbuehler

Professor Emeritus of History, '13

Pocatello, ID

Served since Fall '19

Paul Briggs

Colonel Fergus Paul Briggs USMC (Ret)

BA Political Science '72

Idaho Falls, ID

Served since Fall '21

Doris Brydon

Doris Ann Brydon

BA Zoology '52

Pocatello, ID

Served since Fall '21

Steve Lee

BA Political Science '74

Clarkston, WA

Served since Fall '21

Galo Medina

Galo Medina

BA General Studies '00

Pocatello, ID

Served since Spring '22

Tim May

MS Accountancy '13

Rockland, ID

Served since Spring '22