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Budget, Planning, and Analysis Office Staff

Organizational Chart

Budget Office


Jennifer Steele

Vice President for Finance and University Planning

Office: Administration Building Room 209C

(208) 282-4277


Russell Mayer

Budget Director

Office: Administration Building Room 209B

(208) 282-3181


Megan Baskins

Senior Budget & Planning Analyst

Office: Administration Building Room 209A

(208) 282-3949


University Business Officers / Budget Finance Director


Clyde Anderson

University Business Officer - College of Arts and Letters, College of Education

Office: Business Administration Building Room 244

(208) 282-4599


Christina Seal

University Business Officer - College of Business, Student Affairs, Enrollment Management, Auxiliary Services and Operations, & Idaho Museum of Natural History

Office: Business Administration Building Room 203

(208) 282-3806


Cody Fitch

University Business Officer - Academic Affairs, Advancement, Finance, Information Technology, Library, Graduate School & President

Office: Administration Building Room 229

(208) 282-1318


Fred Parrish

University Business Officer - Office of Research, College of Science & Engineering (CoSE) & Athletics

Office: Colonial Hall Room 235

(208) 282-2768


Joe Wilcox

University Business Officer - Division of Health Sciences, College of Health, College of Pharmacy, & Meridian

Office: Graveley Hall Room 129

(208) 282-2980


Lisa Wise

University Business Officer - Facilities Services, Public Safety, Transportation, Human Resources, EHS, Parking, & University Events

Office: Facilities Services Bldg. #18

(208) 282-2694


Michael Alvord

Budget Finance Director - College of Technology

Office: EAMES Complex, Bldg. #19

(208) 282-2254