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Frequently Asked Questions

Etch your name in ISU history.

For questions about the ISU Commemorative Paver Project please contact Ryan Sargent at (208) 282-4735.

How can I make a paver donation?

What is the donation for a paver?

Can I mail or fax in my paver donation?

What paver sizes are available?

What can I engrave on my paver?

May I make a group gift?

Can I donate more than one paver?

How long will pavers be available?

Where will my paver be placed?

Can I request a specific location?

When will my paver be installed?

Will I receive confirmation of my paver donation?

Will I be notified when the pavers are going to be installed?

Will you be able to tell me the exact location of my paver?

How do I change my inscription?

Who owns my paver donation?

My paver is damaged. Will I receive a replacement paver?

What will my gift support?

Is my gift tax deductible and how will I receive a receipt?

Additional questions?