Idaho Institute of Emergency Management

at the ISU-Meridian Health Sciences Center

Institute of Emergency Management

Located at Idaho State University-Meridian Health Science Center, the Institute of Emergency Management (IEM) was approved by the Idaho State Board of Education in July 2003. The purpose of the IEM is to offer workshops, courses, certificates, and degrees to meet the professional and career development needs of Idahoans employed in or planning a career in Emergency Management.

Academic Degree Programs

The Institute of Emergency Management offers degree programs in two areas:

Emergency Management, Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science

Fire Services Administration, Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science

Non-Credit, Certificate Course Offerings

The Institute of Emergency Management offers courses that enhance the capability of state and local agencies to prevent and respond to all hazards incidents, natural or man-made, that warrant action to protect life, property, environment, public health or safety, and minimize disruptions of government, social, or economic activities.

Human Patient Simulation Lab

The Institute of Emergency Management coordinates the Human Patient Simulation Lab at ISU-Meridian Health Science Center featuring human patient simulators. Human patient simulators are life size, fully automatic, high-fidelity mannequins specifically designed to provide healthcare simulation for a broad spectrum of providers and applications. Medical simulation is immersive training with feedback during which users practice tasks and processes in life-like scenarios. This type of training improves critical thinking, decision making, and clinical techniques all without risk to a real patient. This translates into improved, real-world communication, collaboration, teamwork, and crisis management.

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921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209