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Testing Rules and Regulations

At the testing center you will be required to sign in. By signing the sign in sheet you are agreeing to all testing rules and regulations.


If you violate these rules your test will be terminated and you will be asked to leave. Your professor and/or institution will be notified of any violations.

  1. Valid/acceptable identification (ID) is required for all testing. Picture of ID is not acceptable.
  1. You may not take any prohibited item into the testing center. See Prohibited Items List.
  1. Your professor/program decides if you are allowed breaks. If no info is given, breaks are not allowed. You are not permitted to leave the building during the testing session or during breaks. If your professor allows breaks, you will need to follow to procedure in #8.
  1. Before entering the testing room you will be asked to lift your pant legs to show your ankles and push up your sleeves to show your wrists. Your glasses will be inspected.
  1. By testing at the testing center you also agree to be video recorded, and asked to turn your pockets inside out to ensure that no prohibited items are taken into the room.
  1. You may not communicate with anyone about the content of the test. You may not discuss or share test content or test responses/answers during the testing session, during breaks or after the testing session. Communication in any form is not permitted during the test. You may not remove, or attempt to remove, any test content by any means or scratch paper from the testing room or test center at any time before, during or after the test. You must return all scratch paper, in its entirety, to the proctor at the end of the testing session.
  1. Disruptive behavior in any form will not be tolerated. The proctor has sole discretion in determining what constitutes disruptive behavior.
  1. You must follow the procedures set by the test center for storage of personal belongings. If you need to access an item stored in the test center during a break — only food, beverage and/or medicine are permitted. You are not allowed to access or use any prohibited items during the testing session or during breaks; these include, but are not limited to: notes, study materials, cell phones, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other electronic, photographic, scanning, listening, and recording devices.
  1. You may not take the test for any other person. Providing false information to test may lead to cancellation of test scores and possible consequences from the student conduct board or other ISU departments.
  1. By signing the sign in sheet I am agreeing to all testing rules and regulations. If I do not agree to these conditions, I will not be permitted to test and my test fee will not be refunded. I also understand that, for some testing programs, if I violate any of the policies or procedures, I may be prohibited from any future testing.