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2018 Chu Lectureship

October 26, 2018

ISU-Meridian, Room 735, 738 and 742



Twin Falls-134

Biomaterials for Solid Tumor Therapy: Design and Safety Considerations
Hamidreza S. Ghandehari
Co-Director, Nano Institute of Utah; Director, Utah Center for Nanomedicine; Co-director, Nanotechnology Graduate Training Program; USTAR Professor, Departments of Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Bioengineering

Biomaterials, as substances that have been chemically engineered to interact with biological system, are widely used in numerous medical applications including treatment, augmentation, repair or replacement of a tissue or as a diagnostic tool. By joint efforts of biologists, chemists, pharmacists and physicians on tackling the problems of disease, these problems are beginning to shift and reduced to problems of molecular and chemical sciences. The partnership between the branches of science is creating new opportunities for treating and curing disease. Such advances are coupled closely with advances in biomaterials and are leading to a variety of approaches for management nd even treatment of diseases, such as cancer, for relieving suffering and improving the patient’s quality of life. In this lecture Dr. Ghandehari will explain different strategies on designing and development of biomaterial for their application for solid tumors treatment with safety concerns in mind.


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