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Idaho State University

Christian Chan Earns Counseling Honor

Christian D. Chan will be bringing a national honor with him when he begins his career in

the Counseling Department at Idaho State University later this year. On Feb. 21, Chan was awarded the

Courtland C. Lee Multicultural Excellence Scholarship Award from the American Counseling Association.

This award is presented to a graduate student in counselor education whose dedication and academic

work demonstrate excellence in the theory and practice of multicultural counseling. Chan also received

a $2,500 honorarium as part of his award.

Teaching and mentoring emerging counselors in multicultural and social justice competency is a priority

mission for the ISU Department of Counseling. Faculty there say Chan has shown national leadership in

service and publications in that arena. The students in the Counseling Department will soon have the

opportunity to further expand their learning for working with diverse individuals as Chan brings his

passion and experience to Idaho State University. Chan’s future colleagues say they couldn't be more

pleased to have him join the Department of Counseling.

Chan will begin in the Fall of 2017, teaching core counseling courses in the Masters and Ph.D programs

in the Department of Counseling at ISU. Some of his other duties will include advising students,

supervising internships and submitting grants. Chan is presently finishing up his doctoral studies in

Counselor Education at George Washington University. His broad interests revolve around multicultural

counseling, multicultural supervision and social justice.