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Idaho State University

Training Required to Have Grant Funds Released – CITI Conflict of Interest

The majority of funders now require that ISU provide training on Research Conflict of Interest to faculty, staff and other employees listed as key personnel on a project.  The CITI Training module on Research Conflict of Interest (COI) meets this requirement. 


Anyone listed on the Cayuse coversheet as Lead PI, PI, or Investigator, must complete the CITI Training module on Research Conflict of Interest (COI) using an ISU email account.  Information on CITI online training and CITI COI module instructions are available on the Research Outreach & Compliance website.


This module must be completed before you receive can access to funding, if awarded.

An index will not be set up if this training is not completed. The training must be taken once every 5 years.


There is no fee for this training.

Questions about CITI access?  Contact Tom Bailey at 208-282- 2179.