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Idaho State University

Counseling Faculty Published in Journal of Counselor Leadership and Advocacy

Dr. Kristen Lister, Clinical Assistant Professor, and Dr. Steve Moody, Assistant Professor, have a published paper in the new issue of the JCLA titled, Cutting the Profession's Gordian Knot: A Call for Evidence-Based Practice in Counseling. The expression "cutting a Gordian knot" refers dealing with an interactable situation with decisive action. The counseling profession needs to take decisive action on the Gordian knot of evidence-based practice (EBP), yet incorporating EBP while retaining the professions' core humanistic values is a challenge. Collaborative leadership among practitioners, counselor educators, and students is needed to conduct EBP research for the counseling field. A guide to developing intraprofessional relationships and suggest research approaches are provided.

Alexandria K. Kerwin, Assistant Professor Department of Leadership and Counselor Education at the University of Mississippi, and Dr. Elizabeth A. Horn, Associate Professor for Idaho State University, have a published paper in the JCLA titled, "Sisters in Social Justice: Do Counselors and Social Workers Advocate Differently?" The purpose of this study was to explore a panel of experts' opinions concerning potential features distinguishing social justice advocacy in counseling from social work. The experts in the area of social justice counseling came to consensus on issues concerning social justice and professional identity. The panelists concluded that distinguishing the two professions is counterproductive to the mission of helping professions. Several expert responses addressed the integration of social justice advocacy into the professional identity of counseling, including use of professional guidelines and education strategies.