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Idaho State University

Counseling Faculty Members Featured in Podcasts

Dr. Leslie Stewart, Assistant Professor, recently interviewed with on Animal Assisted Therapy for Substance Abuse. Animal-assisted therapy isn’t designed to be a stand-alone therapy. When combined with other treatments for substance use disorders, the therapeutic approach ca motivate patients to stay in treatment. Animals can also help therapists and clients resolve mental health problems in a way that isn’t possible with other types of therapy alone. For the full interview


Dr. Stewart also discussed healthy relationships on Unleashed. A Podcast with Colleen Pelar There’s an important distinction to be made between consent and compliance. There are many ways to coerce people into doing things they’re not entirely comfortable with, so you can’t always look at what people are doing to know what they believe. Dr. Stewart shared her ideas about what truly consent means and how having a better understanding on consent can help us develop.

Dr. Christian Chan, Assistant Professor, speaks with Marty and Eric about his recent transition from doctoral student to university faculty with The Faculty Meeting