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Idaho State University

Statewide Climate Summit Set Nov. 16 and 17

A first-of- its kind statewide summit will bring together Idahoans for an interactive two-day conversation
entitled Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy in a Changing Climate - Our Water, Our Land, Our Health, Our Future on
November 16 and 17 2017( ) . Idaho business and community leaders from diverse
sectors, including Idaho Power, HP, the American Lung Association, Sierra Club, and Monsanto, will work side-by- side
with conference participants to explore solutions for Idaho that mitigate or adapt to the effects of a changing climate.
“The idea is to recruit everyone to the table and have real conversations about real solutions - small
and large, individual and collaborative - we all share the same opportunities and challenges,” says David New of the
Society for American Foresters, Idaho branch.
Morning keynote and panel discussions will be live streamed from Boise State for participants to view at ISU Pond
Student Union Building in Pocatello and the U of I in Moscow. Afternoon workshops will be held at all three venues.
Our economy is dependent upon reliable sources of clean water, resilient land and a healthy workforce.
Yet changes, such as increased wildfire and drought, pose risks to Idaho industries including agriculture,
manufacturing, outdoor recreation and healthcare. All summit participants will have an opportunity to discuss their
experiences, collaborations, insights and expertise to stimulate Idaho’s economy and future.
Keynote speaker Kate Gordon, Senior Advisor with Risky Business Project, will frame U.S. economic risks and
opportunities presented by a changing climate and emphasize impacts and ideas for Idaho’s business sectors.
Participants will learn about new business practices, build collaborations and discover solutions that make sense for
Idaho communities.
“Exposure to wildfire smoke can cause serious health problems ranging from pneumonia and asthma attacks to
cardiovascular episodes. Those most vulnerable to smoke exposure are babies, small children, pregnant women, the
elderly, and anyone with existing respiratory or heart disease. We see a need to talk about plans for protecting the
health of our most vulnerable citizens with others in health care, with employers, and with the community,” Heather
Kimmel, Idaho Executive Director of the American Lung Association.
“Idaho’s economy, health and lifestyles are inextricably tied to the health of our land and water,”says Bas Hargrove,
senior policy representative at The Nature Conservancy. “The challenges of a changing climate impact us all. But
together we are finding ways to tackle these challenges, and together we can find a path forward.” Organizers of the
summit hope to set in motion conversations that identify collaborative solutions to the threats facing Idaho’s
According to a Yale public opinion poll nearly two thirds of Idahoans realize Idaho’s climate is changing, but only a
third talk about it. This summit provides a setting for constructive dialogue, cooperation and pragmatism. The
summit coordinator, Warm Springs Consulting, will compile resultant recommendations that reduce monetary risks
and increase economic opportunities for local business, agriculture and ranching owners and employees.
Coordinators anticipate participants will discover a number of practical economic opportunities.
Major sponsors of the event include organizers listed above as well as: Idaho State University, Monsanto, Hewlett
Packard, DL Evans Bank, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Power,  ISU's Center
for Ecological Research, Boise State University, University of Idaho, Water Resources Research Institute, Upper Snake
River Tribes, Nez Perce Tribe, Northwest Climate Science Center, Potlatch Corporation, and the Langdon Group.
Register for Safeguarding Idaho’s Economy at . For sponsorship or media questions,
contact Amber Bieg at