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Idaho State University

New Procedures for Recycling Electronics

Idaho State University recently implemented new procedures for the disposal of memory devices (computers, tablets, printers, etc.), recycling of electronics and repurposing of other non-inventoried, University-owned items.  

In preparing for the roll-out of the new procedures, Facilities Services purchased a hard drive shredder that can shred solid-state hard drives, flash drives and other memory devices up to 5” wide by 2” thick including cell phones, DVDs and other assorted electronic waste (e-waste). The Facilities Services Recycling Team now accepts and prepares these electronic items for recycling along with the current recycling stream that includes paper, plastics, cardboard and metals processed through local recycling plants. Previously, items were disposed through a third party company, at a cost.

To dispose of surplus computers or other electronic equipment, visit the Facilities Services website at and click on the Recycling/E-waste button. There, you will find more information about the recycling program and forms to arrange for pickup. There is no charge for pickup or disposal. Before disposing of any computers or other memory devices, contact IT Services to schedule the wiping of the hard drives/memory devices prior to pick-up form your area, also free of charge.

Electronic equipment that can be recycled includes computers, monitors, electronic test equipment, televisions, radios, VCRs and anything with an electric circuit.

For more information on the recycling program, contact Rick Dutson, ext. 3111 or Sheila Lukenbill ext. 2394.

Please contact Central Property at ext. 3288 or ext. 2176 for direction regarding the disposal of any fixed-asset.