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Idaho State University

ISU Mentoring Project - Call for faculty mentors

ISU's Office of Human Resources is currently in need of additional faculty mentors. We have new faculty mentees who are looking for assistance of senior faculty in different fields of study from their own, faculty who can work with them on goals, tenure and grant processes, international collaboration, and aid them aligning their goals with desired outcomes. Senior faculty are need to aid mentees in balancing research and teaching commitments. 
Mentoring is a partnership which supports the professional and personal growth of ISU faculty and staff. Mentoring relationships can last for a semester, year, or a lifetime. We will partner a newer employee with a seasoned employee who has the experience, knowledge, organizational and political understanding of individual ISU departments, divisions, and the overall campus community. This relationship will aid in the growth of ISU employees as they navigate through the university setting. Both parties will gain experience and expanded knowledge in their current and future positions with ISU. The mentoring relationship is not intended to be time consuming and individual partnerships will decide on what is appropriate, i.e., once a month meetings, lunch, phone calls, emails or a combination of communication methods. 
What is a mentor? A mentor leads by example, gives valuable support and encouragement, coaches and shares their knowledge and experience as they assist with the professional and career development of the mentee. Being a mentor provides experience that can be beneficial to the mentor's career development. 
What is a mentee? A mentee is an employee who is rewarded with a relationship that guides their career, provides political and social skills, and assists them in navigating the university environment and understanding the university climate. A mentee will gain knowledge and experience through the relationship with their mentor.
Mentoring partnerships will be formed based on needs, interests, and experiences of the mentor and mentee. Not all partnerships will be within the same divisions or disciplines as we believe that partnerships outside individual departments and units at ISU can be beneficial to both parties; however, we will attempt to honor requests from the individual applicants.The ISU Mentoring committee will create the partnerships based on the application forms submitted.  
We will hold a kick-off event in late September after the partnerships have been formed. At this event, mentors and mentees will receive information and suggestions for developing a successful mentoring relationship. Partnerships can be disbanded at any time. For questions or comments, please contact Stacey Marshall. Return the application 
If you are interested in participating in this program, please fill out the attached fillable application and return to Stacey Marshall by Friday, October 7, in Human Resources, Administration Building, room 312, fax to 282-4976, save the form and email to, or by campus mail to Stop 8107. All applicants will be approved through their respective Vice President or Provost.