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Idaho State University

Idaho State University Ombuds Program - Call for Faculty Applications and Nominations

The ISU Ombuds Program is now starting its second year. The Office of Human Resources is calling for applications and nominations for potential faculty Ombuds. Faculty are welcome to visit with any of our current Ombuds, but we feel having faculty representation is crucial to a successful program. 
What is an Ombuds Program? An Ombuds is a resource to assist faculty and staff with informal problem solving activities on campus. Based upon models from several other universities with successful programs, and best practices from the International OmbudsAssociation, we are launching a program with several core principles and standards of practice. The principles are informality, independence, neutrality, and confidentiality. See the attached general program guidelines for further information about the program.
Selection of Ombuds: Ombuds shall be selected through a process which seeks individuals willing and able to fulfill the Standards of Practice of the International Ombuds Association and have proven themselves to be leaders and mentors in their respective roles on campus. All employees interested in serving as an Ombuds will be asked to complete the enclosed ISU Ombuds Program application for the review and consideration of the employee's respective management chain, up to and including their Vice President. In considering applications, each Vice President may confer with any management teams or the Faculty Senate and/or Staff Council as needed. Upon approval by the respective Vice President, completed applications will be forwarded to the Ombuds Coordinator for final consideration and appointment with the Office of the President. 
Appointment: Ombuds shall be appointed by the President for a two-year term, which may be renewable following the nomination/application and review process of the Ombuds Coordinator. 
Applicants and nominees are encouraged to submit the attached application form, which includes nomination and application procedures, to Human Resources by October 31Contact Stacey Marshall for questions, comments, or concerns.Thank you.