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Idaho State University

Online Microsoft Excel Classes Available

The Office of Human Resources is announcing online Microsoft Excel courses through our new Talent Management System for all full-time benefited faculty and staff. MSExcel courses come with three levels of learning from beginning, advanced, and power user options. These new courses offer flexibility with the online option and, If interrupted, these individual courses will bookmark your place with the ability to return to the training later. Because of the number of Excel courses available through this system, there is a course rotation. See more below.
ManagersYou may assign trainings to your employee(s). See below under the directions section.

Excel Courses Currently Offered through July 31:

·        Beginning Excel(2013):    Creating Workbooks, Worksheets, and Date 

·        Beginning Excel(2013):    Saving and Printing Data

·        Beginning Excel(2013):     Formatting Cells and Worksheets

·        Advanced Excel(2013):     Creating and Customizing Visual Elements

·        Advanced Excel(2013):     Customizing Options and Views

·        Power User Excel(2013):  Sharing and Linking Data, and Adding Office Apps to Excel

·        Power User Excel(2013):  Reviewing and Protecting Content

Excel courses will rotate out every few months with additional courses in all categories. See attachment for a list of the Excel course rotation.

Directions for Accessing Training System

Log into BengalWeb, click Talent Management System, Access Talent Management System, then Training Tab. You are given the choice to select “Browse for Training” or “View your Transcript”. In “Browse for Training" to see only "online trainings" look on the left side of the page for "Type" and choose online.  Scroll down to select available sessions, request session, request and then register. 

Managers can assign individual trainings to their employees by clicking on the desired course, then click the "Assign" button. A list of your employees (users) will appear. Click the specific employee, or assign all employees. For required courses, this is a good method to ensure that they take the training.

If you have questions please call Laura Judkins at 282-2519 or Stacey Marshall at 282-3081.