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Important P-card Reconciliation and Approval Information for Summer Usage

Please remember that if you use your P-card over the summer for research and other ISU work related

expenses, all transactions will still need to be reconciled and approved in the Bank of America Works

system weekly. This process becomes especially important in the summer as it impacts ISU’s ability to

capture our final expenditures and charge them to the department budgets as we prepare the

University’s annual financial statements for June 30 th each year.

The Bank of America Works system is a web based system and can be accessed from off campus. The

reconciliation and approval process can take place from any computer you have set up for Web access.

For your convenience ISU has set up a link to the Bank of America Works system on BengalWeb under

both the Purchasing and Employee tab. We have also set up a listing of Expense Account Codes that you

can refer to on BengalWeb on the Finance tab or on the ISU’s main web page at: Commodity/Account Codes, Expense Account Codes.

If you will be unavailable to reconcile or approve P-card transactions for a period of the summer due to

field work or travel plans please contact your UBO and/or Ann Merkley in the Purchasing Department to

arrange for a “proxy” reconciler or approver for that time period. Ann can be reached at extension 282-

3112, e-mail

When reconciling and approving P-card transactions in the Bank of America Works system we ask that

you do not perform these functions on Tuesday mornings between the hours of 9:00 and 10:30 am each

week. This is the time period when we “download” all purchases from the week before into ISU’s Banner

Finance system. We need to have a period of time when the Bank of America system is not being used

to ensure all transactions can “feed” successfully between the two systems.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this information. I can be reached at extension 282-

3931 or e-mail (Diane MacLerran)