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Third Annual Stotz Day Introduces Emerging Technology to ISU Students

February 26, 2024

A group of students stand by equipment

Highlighting a pioneering collaboration in technical education, the third annual Stotz Day brought together the Idaho State University College of Technology and Stotz Equipment to unveil the newest advancements in agricultural technology and educational synergy. Held at the state-of-the-art William M. and Karin A. Eames Advanced Technical Education and Innovation Complex, the event on Thursday introduced groundbreaking advancements, including the John Deere Operations Center and a cutting-edge agricultural drone for precision spot treatments.

Stotz Equipment, a family-owned John Deere dealership with a rich history dating back to 1947, has grown to operate 25 locations across eight western states. Their expansive network and commitment to quality, integrity, and innovation significantly enhanced the day's offerings, providing students with unparalleled access to the latest advancements in agricultural technology.

“This event for us is great because it shows us what students are doing in today’s world and it also gives us a chance to show them what we’re all about. The technology side that we have, sometimes they don’t always understand, so we get to give them the full facet of what we actually do at Stotz Equipment,” said Chay Courtright, Service Manager of Stotz Equipment in Burley.

The John Deere Operations Center allows remote access to tractor dashboards, enabling students to understand how to manage agricultural operations from anywhere, enhancing efficiency and decision-making in real-time. The drone technology introduced for precision spot treatments showcases an innovative approach to agriculture, enabling targeted interventions in fields that would typically require more extensive resources, such as larger spray equipment or aerial application. These technologies significantly enrich the curriculum for students in ISU College of Technology's Diesel/On-Site Power Generation Technology program, offering practical insights into modern agricultural practices and equipment management.

"Stotz Day uniquely bridges the gap between academic learning and industry practice for our Diesel/On-Site Power Generation Technology students,” said Dave Treasure, chair of the Trade & Industrial Department at the ISU College of Technology. “This event not only showcases the intersection of diesel technology with emerging innovations but also crucially connects students with industry professionals, laying the groundwork for future employment opportunities. It’s an integral part of how we prepare our students for successful careers, blending technical expertise with essential professional networking."

Through the third annual Stotz Day, ISU College of Technology and Stotz Equipment have once again demonstrated their shared commitment to fostering educational excellence and career readiness among the next generation of professionals, setting a new standard for collaboration between academia and industry.


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