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Tech Expo Registration Deadline Approaching

February 8, 2024

a student interacts with an infant simulation manikin at a booth during the Tech Expo event in the ICCU Dome

The 2024 Tech Expo, happening at the ICCU Dome on March 14, is a perfect platform for Idaho State University colleges and departments to showcase their innovative programs and engage with potential students. This interactive event, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., welcomes over 2,500 high school and junior high school students from Idaho, offering a unique opportunity for recruitment and networking.

Departments and programs can register by February 23 without a fee, although a $60 charge applies for booths needing electricity. To enhance the engagement and learning experience, we strongly encourage registrants to create hands-on experiences and interactive activities. These dynamic elements are key to captivating the students' interest and providing them with a memorable and educational experience at the Tech Expo. It's an ideal event for ISU to demonstrate their unique offerings, interact with future students, and connect with community businesses.

For more details and to register, visit the Tech Expo website at isu.edu/techexpo or contact Shalee Butler at (208) 282-2800 or butlshal@isu.edu.


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