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Idaho Science and Technology Policy Fellowship: ISU Faculty Opportunity

February 8, 2024

Candidates are being sought for this coming year's Idaho Science and Technology Policy Fellowship. ISTPF is a nonpartisan program that places terminal degree-holders in the sciences, social sciences, and engineering in year-long funded fellowships in Idaho state government. ISU has partnered with BSU and UI for five years on this important initiative, and we would like to place a Bengal as a fellow this coming year. This program is a rare opportunity to strengthen the connection between policy and academic research, while giving researchers a unique opportunity for professional development.

The 2024-2025 applications close on March 29, 2024. Dr. Sarah Robey is ISU's representative on the ISTPF leadership team. Interested faculty, supervisors, or students can reach out to her with any questions about the fellowship, or to schedule a time to meet. (208) 282-5675 or robesar5@isu.edu


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