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February and March Be a Bengal Nominees

April 11, 2024

Congratulations to our February and March Be a Bengal nominees. ISU began this program in 2019. As we work toward building a campus culture based on trust, compassion, stability and hope we want to celebrate each of you and thank you for being an important part of the Bengal community that embodies these values!


  • Lorraine Jenkins - Compassion
  • Brooke Bollinger - Compassion
  • The entire ETS team - Hope
  • Catherine Read - Stability
  • Vincent Miller - Stability


  • Rosa Quinton - Stability (3 nominations for Rosa in March!)
  • Angie Dangerfield - Hope
  • Vince Likes - Stability
  • Tina Little - Compassion
  • Amy Avila - Hope
  • Kailey White - Stability
  • Lonny McCurdy - Compassion

Thank you to all of these Bengals for your daily efforts to create a special culture here at Idaho State University.


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