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Dr. Caryn Evilia Honored with Distinguished Communicator Award at the 2024 Idaho Academy of Science and Engineering Closing Banquet

April 15, 2024

The Idaho Academy of Science and Engineering (IASE) celebrated its annual Closing Banquet on April 6, 2024, recognizing exceptional contributions to science communication and education. Among the distinguished recipients was Dr. Caryn Evilia, an inspiration for both young minds and the broader community.

Dr. Evilia, who received the IASE Distinguished Communicator award, has dedicated her career to bridging the gap between scientific knowledge and public understanding. Her tireless efforts have ignited curiosity and kindled a love for science among audiences in Pocatello and throughout Southeast Idaho.

As a Professor of Biochemistry at Idaho State University, Dr. Evilia has left an indelible mark on her students. Her dynamic teaching style engages a diverse group of learners each year, spanning courses in General ChemistryPhysical Chemistry, and Biochemistry. But it’s not just about textbooks and lectures—Dr. Evilia’s classroom is a laboratory of innovation.

Some highlights of her impactful career include:

  1. Innovative Lab and Outreach Activities: Dr. Evilia’s passion for hands-on learning led her to create captivating lab experiences. From the thermite reaction in liquid nitrogen to exploring the biochemistry of chicken, goose, and emu eggs , her students thrive on discovery.
  2. Guiding Future Scientists: As the advisor for the American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Club (Chemistry Club) at Idaho State, Dr. Evilia champions outreach initiatives. Local schools benefit from her energetic support as students engage in captivating demonstrations and hands-on activities.
  3. Magic of Chemistry: Dr. Evilia orchestrates the annual Chemistry Magic show, a celebration of Mole Day and National Chemistry Week. The Chemistry Club captivates the public with dazzling demonstrations, inspiring both young and old.
  4. Environmental Advocacy: Dr. Evilia equips her students to share their passion for science with the broader community. Their activities inspire environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

When you converse with Dr. Evilia, her charismatic enthusiasm for science radiates. She invites you to explore the wonders of the natural world, igniting curiosity and leaving a lasting impact.

The IASE commends Dr. Caryn Evilia for her unwavering commitment to science communication, education, and fostering a brighter future. Her legacy inspires us all to embrace the magic of discovery.


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