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Be A Bengal Award Nominees

February 12, 2024

Congratulations to our December 2023 and January 2024 Be a Bengal nominees!

December 2023
Amy Hardy - Stability
Camron Moon - Compassion
Darren Erickson - Stability
David Staddon - Stability (X2!)
Diana Gull - Compassion
Edward Bold - Stability
Gracie Quinn - Hope
Jean McGivney-Burelle - Trust
Julia Horne - Stability
Randy Bowen - Compassion
Rick Pongratz - Compassion
Rodney Jackson - Trust
Samantha Blatt - Compassion (X3!)
Samantha Blatt - Hope
Spencer Anderson - Stability
Stephen McMichael - Trust
Wes Clezie - Trust

January 2024
Al Reed - Compassion (X3!)
Al Reed - Stability
Tammy Reed - Compassion (X2!)
Tammy Reed - Stability
Molly Thomson - Stability
Rosa Quinton - Stability (X2!)
Wendy Holder - Compassion
Brock DeWall - Stability

ISU began this program in 2019.

As we work toward building a campus culture based on trust, compassion, stability and hope we want to celebrate each of you and thank you for being an important part of the Bengal community that embodies these values.


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