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Technology Optimization Initiative

July 6, 2023

As part of the University’s ongoing efforts to identify and maximize budget efficiencies, and in alignment with our Innovation of Campus Technology and Services Project Charter, the University will be moving to a consolidated shared service model for Information Technology Services, including Educational Technology Services and distributed technology operations. 

The integration of all technology services in a single unit is imperative to protect the safety of our systems. Recent cyber security incidents in higher education and other large, distributed organizations in our region have highlighted this issue.  

The goal of this initiative is to identify opportunities for increased security, efficiency, efficacy, and budget savings with optimal service for all departments and stakeholders. To accomplish this, we will look into all facets of our delivery of technology, including:

  • Security and compliance
  • Help desk services
  • Hardware and software infrastructure and purchasing
  • System integration
  • Classroom and lab technology 

This initiative will be led by a work group that includes representatives from IT Services, ETS, Academic Affairs and other areas of campus. The group will rely on participation and feedback from the university community. The work group’s goals include:  

  • Create a shared service model with information technology staff and resources housed under a central umbrella.
  • Research best practices in higher education information technology services and structures.
  • Inventory current information technology operations, resources, staffing, expenditures, and organizational structures at ISU.
  • Meet with units to identify information technology service and support needs, strengths, issues/gaps, and opportunities.
  • Present recommendations to university leadership, faculty and staff and gain feedback. 

This initiative will begin this summer with an exploratory phase. The work group will meet with units to learn more about needs and opportunities, present preliminary recommendations this fall, and develop additional recommendations throughout fall and spring terms. Involving faculty, staff and students in this initiative is crucial, so the process will allow for ample time to work through each phase of the project, with a completion date of June 2024. 


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