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Four Idaho State University TRIO Students Awarded $4,200 in Scholarships

August 10, 2023

Four students from Idaho State University's TRIO programs have been granted a total of $4,200 in scholarships by Friends of NAEOP. 

Friends of NAEOP is the philanthropy branch of the regional association for the states of Oregon, Alaska, Washington, and Idaho called the Northwest Association of Educational Opportunity Programs (NAEOP). NAEOP has over 500 Access and Success Programs included in its regional membership. Friends of NAEOP raises funds through various activities such as online store purchases, auctions, and events at regional conferences. The proceeds from these are dedicated to supporting scholarships for disadvantaged students. The scholarships were awarded to these deserving students in recognition of their academic achievements and commitment to their educational journey. 

Idaho State University TRIO programs were awarded the most scholarships out of all institutions in the Northwest.  

Samantha Anguiano, a participant in the ISU TRIO McNair program and Micheal Jenks, a member of ISU TRIO Student Support Services, were honored with the Friends of NAEOP Scholastic Achievement Award. Their exceptional academic records and unwavering dedication set them apart as deserving recipients. 

Crystal Salinas, a student in the TRIO Upward Bound program, was awarded the prestigious Pearl M. Hill Award in recognition of her outstanding achievements and potential for future success. 

Rajad Ahamadi, a scholar enrolled in the TRIO Educational Access Program, was presented with the esteemed NAEOP TRIO Achiever Award. This award is a testament to Ahamadi’s exceptional accomplishments and remarkable journey towards educational excellence. 

For more information about Idaho State University TRIO programs and their collaboration with Friends of NAEOP, please contact McKenna Jones at (208) 282-5365 or mckennajones@isu.edu 


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