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2023 Employee Engagement Survey

May 11, 2023

Last fall, an employee engagement survey was sent to all faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and student employees. This survey was developed to identify barriers to engagement, gather feedback from employees related to specific topics, and further our ability to leverage our University’s strengths. Engaged employees are vital to our success as an organization and our ability to help students better their life through education.

Similar to the survey conducted in 2018 and 2020, the Employee Engagement Task Force has compiled all of the recent survey results by employee category and created a high-level overview for the campus community. All results are available online at isu.edu/engagementsurvey.



An initial review of the results from the 2022 Employee Engagement Survey revealed many positive indicators of an engaged workforce at Idaho State. There were also areas of improvement identified. 

While there is still significant progress that can be made to improve the overall campus climate, the survey showed we are improving and succeeding in some areas:

  • 53% feel they have a best friend at work/consider someone at work to be a close friend(2018: 35%, 2020: 32%)
  • 79% feel associates/coworkers are committed to quality work (2018: 66%, 2020: 71%)
  • 68% have had someone talk about their progress in last 6 months/ My supervisor or a colleague supports my opportunities for growth and development (2018: 50%/ 2020: 48%)

From the results, areas needing improvement were identified, including:

  • 78% agree that they know what is expected of them at work (2018: 85%/2020: 82%)
  • 71% feel satisfied with Idaho State University as their employer (2018: 74%/2020: 74%)
  • 57% feel the mission/purpose of ISU makes them feel job is important (2018: 61%, 2020: 74%)
  • 55% can identify someone similar to myself in leadership (2018: 47%/ 2020: 57%)
  • Communication
    • 42% feel they receive clear info about changes at university (2018: 38%/ 2020: 49%)
    • 47% feel they receive clear info about changes in college/unit (2018: 42%/ 2020: 48%)

For more information, or if you have questions about the survey or next steps, email the employee engagement committee at engagement@isu.edu


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