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President Kevin Satterlee Celebrates Successes in Enrollment and Research in Annual Fall Address

August 14, 2023

ISU President Kevin Satterlee on stage

In his final Fall Address Monday, Idaho State University President Kevin Satterlee told employees that he was proud of all the accomplishments the Bengal community has reached in recent years, and urged them to continue the momentum. 

“Idaho State University is not the same institution it was when I first marched through the Arch into campus. We have accomplished so much. And I am so thankful that I have been able to accomplish all of that with all of you,” he said. 

In his address, Satterlee touted the University’s four straight semesters of enrollment growth, increases in student retention, increased research dollars and increased gifts to the University. 

For four straight semesters, Idaho State University has seen enrollment growth, including a 3.1 percent increase in Spring 2023. Retention rates have also increased by 7.5 percent for first-year students over the past five years, 

“These numbers put Idaho State University on the map as one of the top innovators, the top changers, of their retention rates in the country,” he said. “These numbers didn’t happen by accident. They happened because we made intentional efforts to be a student-centric institution.” 

One of the keys to attracting and keeping students is renovating and modernizing spaces to ensure that faculty and students are teaching and learning in a welcoming environment. Satterlee also announced that the State Board of Education approved a new master plan to increase Idaho State’s presence in the Treasure Valley. 

“We’re investing in state-of-the art learning facilities you won’t find anywhere else in the state for our students,” Satterlee said. “We’re updating and building spaces on our campus where the community comes into our University.” 

Research activity at Idaho State University has also increased, with a 200 percent increase in research awards received in the last five years. Not only $3.1 million in externally sponsored wages, scholarships and fellowships

“ISU researchers are seeking and winning larger grant awards than we have in the past,” he said, “and that’s paying off directly for our students.”

Gifts to the University have also increased, as Idaho State has worked to build bridges with the community, Satterlee said. A two-year scholarship campaign recently exceeded its goal of $20 million, raising $24 million, including 112 new scholarship endowments. Following its success, Satterlee said, plans are underway to launch a University-wide fundraising campaign. 

“We are doing all of this to benefit our students. And our momentum doesn’t end there,” he said. 


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