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Idaho Museum of Natural History Unveils Exhibit: "Dinosaurs from the Mountain"

dinosaur skeleton

The Idaho Museum of Natural History, on the Pocatello campus of Idaho State University, is excited to announce the unveiling of its newest exhibit, "Dinosaurs from the Mountain." 

This extraordinary exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore Idaho's rich past from the Age of Dinosaurs, a hidden gem in Idaho’s natural history.

Idaho boasts a diverse but under-appreciated Cretaceous fossil record, featuring some of the only dinosaurs known to roam the uplands of North America. “Dinosaurs from the Mountain” will take visitors back 100 million years ago to the lush forests of the Wayan Formation where armored plant-eaters, tiny mammals, fox crocodiles, tiny tyrannosaurs, Idaho's state dinosaur Oryctodromeus, and giant bird-like dinosaurs roamed. The Idaho Museum of Natural History will be the only place in the country where you can encounter the complete roster of Idaho's dinosaurs. The exhibit will also be the only place outside of China to display an awe-inspiring full skeleton of the gigantic Hell chicken.

“We are more than excited to give Idahoans the chance to meet their dinosaurs,” said Brandon Peecook, Curator of Paleontology. “The truth is that though Idaho’s dinosaur fossil record is often overlooked, we have some incredible animals, and wonderful specimens. It’s Idaho as you’ve never imagined it. Guests are going to be surprised; they’re going to have fun!.”

"Dinosaurs from the Mountain" is a unique view into the Cretaceous fossil record of Idaho. It showcases the museum's expertise, our Idaho Virtualization Lab, dedicated researchers, collaborations with ISU College of Technology and the College of Science and Engineering, and exhibits the real fossils found here in Idaho.

Join the Idaho Museum of Natural History on Oct. 7 as they explore Idaho's deep past with “Dinosaurs from the Mountain.”

 Since 1934, the Idaho Museum of Natural History has offered unique, educational and fun opportunities to visitors, classrooms, tourists and the public at large. The Museum is open six days a week, closed Mondays. To learn more please visit imnh.isu.edu or call 208-282-2195.


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