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Three Named 2022 Idaho State Distinguished Faculty

April 14, 2022

Portraits of Dave Martin, Nancy Devine and Thom Hasenpflug

Three Idaho State University faculty have been honored as 2022 Distinguished Faculty. Distinguished Faculty are chosen annually in the categories of Research, Teaching, and Service. This year’s winners are Thom Hasenpflug (Research), Nancy Devine (Teaching), and Dave Martin (Service).

Thom Hasenpflug
Thom Hasenpflug is nationally recognized as a unique performer and educational voice, while his compositions for percussion receive international recognition and are played all over the world. He has presented performances, clinics, residencies, and master classes at many national and international venues. A prize-winning composer, Hasenpflug has been commissioned by some of the field’s leading percussionists. His quartet, Bicksa, remains one of the most widely-programmed collegiate percussion works of the past 30 years. International performances of his works have occurred in Hong Kong, Vienna, London, Barcelona, Taiwan, Dublin, Rio de Janiero, Moscow, Venezuela, and Sweden, by various percussionists of note. As a principal member of our Idaho State Civic Symphony, Hasenpflug premiered multiple original symphonic works. He has furthermore performed as a member of numerous organizations, including as principal in the South Dakota Symphony, and in symphonic and freelance capacities with artists as diverse as Bela Fleck, Peter Cetera, the Moody Blues, Blood Sweat and Tears, and many others. He received his degrees in percussion and composition from Ithaca College and the University of Colorado. Hasenpflug has percussion works published through K.P.P. Malletech, Alfred Music, Tapspace, Inc., Bachovich Music, and C. Alan Publications. He is an artist endorser for the Yamaha, Remo, Sabian, and Salyers Percussion companies. Originally from New York, he has served at ISU since 2003.
Nancy Devine
Nancy Devine is a tenured associate professor in the Physical Therapy Program in the College of Health. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in physical therapy from the University of Vermont in 1986 and then moved to Idaho to work as a staff physical therapist at Pocatello Regional Medical Center. Devine joined the ISU Physical Therapy Program faculty in June 1990 as a clinical affiliate instructor and primarily served in the role of placing students in clinical affiliation sites throughout the continental US and Alaska. She completed a Master of Science degree in biology/neuroanatomy at ISU, a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from MGH Institute of Health Professions, and a PhD in Experimental Psychology at ISU. Over her 31 years as an ISU faculty member she has primarily taught entry-level physical therapy graduate students but has also advised an undergraduate student in the Honors Program, and several doctoral students in the PhD in Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences Program. Devine’s research interests include using virtual/augmented reality as an intervention to improve motor control following neurologic injury and for reducing chronic pain.
Dave Martin
Dave Martin received his bachelor's degree as a Physician Assistant from the University of Oklahoma and his master’s degree from the University of Nebraska. He came to Idaho State University for the Physician Assistant (PA) Program in 2003. He currently serves as Clinical Associate Professor and Academic Coordinator. While working in rural Idaho as a Physician Assistant (PA), Martin taught EMTs at a basic and advanced level for over a decade. This was in addition to a busy clinical practice. Martin has also precepted PA students during their clinical training for four decades, helping to educate these students on their way to becoming clinically practicing PAs. Once at Idaho State University, Martin joined the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). Since joining the MRC, he has served by providing medical care during the H1N1 influenza outbreak, a local hepatitis A outbreak, an active TB exposure concern, and, since March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic. During COVID-19, he has served with Southeastern Idaho Public Health Department’s hotline, testing line, and vaccination clinic. He has taken and supervised first-year PA students on numerous service projects, including performing Head Start physicals and athletic physicals for junior and senior high school students. Martin has served as a volunteer ski patroller at local ski areas with the National Ski Patrol, providing emergency medical care to injured guests as well as caring for other ski area needs. Martin teaches outdoor emergency care, snowboarding skills, and tobogganing skills to patrollers.


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