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Sustainability Coordinator Petition

February 16, 2022

ASISU voted to publish a petition to gauge student support for a full-time Sustainability Coordinator position within ISU's administration. ASISU believes this position should be added to ISU's campus community for three main reasons:

  1. There is a growing need and urgency for more sustainable efforts at higher levels due to environmental degradation.
  2. A Sustainability Coordinator could work closely with students to increase engagement and provide professional opportunities. 
  3. Sustainability coordinators and centers are common on campuses across the country.

ASISU is not encouraging people to sign this petition if they don’t believe in or agree with it, but wants to share the petition, so people who do support it have the opportunity to sign.

ISU community members can reach out to ASISU Vice President at ailiemaclean@isu.edu or Senator for the College of Arts & Letters at emmawatts@isu.edu with questions. 


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