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Please Check our Years of Service List

February 10, 2022

As we near Employee Appreciation Week, we will be recognizing full-time classified and non-classified staff for their dedication to the University. Please check the Years of Service list to make sure you are being recognized in the correct year. If not, please contact Katie Baca at Human Resources katiebaca@isu.edu to get your records updated. For this recognition your anniversary date must be on or before July 1, 2022. If it is after July 1, 2022 you will be on the list for next year's recognition.

Years of Service - (Classified)


5 Years 

Agnelli, Joanne

Bosen, Jason A

Brownley, Jonathan

Carpenter, Mandy L.

Chandler, Penny R.

Coffin, Jacqueline L.

Cooper, Kirsten D.

Dutson, Lori L.

Ferguson, Christine R.

Fonger, Darcy A D

Fouts, Jeffrey A

Graves, Kenneth J.

Green, Marilee J.

Gribas, Danielle

Harris, Stephanie A. 5 in 2021

Haumschilt, Photina

James, Thomas F.

Jorgensen, Steven N

McRae, Laura A

Murray, Pearl A.

O'Donnell, Heather L.

Renk, Janet

Smith, Jordan K.

Thomson, Steven T


10 Years 

Aguilar, Melissa A

Anglesey, Darlene L

Christensen, Amanda K

Crismon, Kendra C

Dickey, Paul M

Hensley, Kody D

Horrocks, Kelli S.

Hughes, Michele A. 10 in 2021

Pryor, Linda S

Schorzman-Wilson, Kathryn R

Velasquez, Teresa K

15 Years 

Blessinger, Kent H

Campbell, Michelle K. 15 in 2021

Gambles, Ted R

Hatch, Odell R

Owens, Kevin W

Reno, Ashley

Rollins, Laura L

Younis, Ziad H


20 Years 

Benkenstein, Mia M

Christensen, Todd 

Fletcher, Tammie 

Gonzalez, Maria C

Pitcher, Ian

Shadduck, Stefanie C 

Welker, Daniel C


25 Years 

Goddard, Andrea F

Kreitzer, Lara M

Worthington, William O 

Parker, Donna M. 25 in 2021


30 Years 

McKnight, Julie A

Nestor, Doris R

Weenig, Carl E


35 Years



40 Years

Lovgren, Nancy L

Years of Service – 



5 Years 

Adams, Todd G.

Brenchley, Laurie K. 5 in 2021

Comish, Brandon D.

Cox, Kim L.

Freeman, Suzanne 5 in 2021

Gadepally, Padma

Garcia, Valentin R.

Gooch, Heather 

Gratiot, Kimberly

Greening, Amber

Hopkin, Jenna L.

Hughes, Susan T

Jackson, Christopher J. 5 in 2021

Jaussi, Mason M.

Jones, Michael D.

Maccluer, Max L.

Mainini, Anthony J

Miller, Marcia L.

Millis, Sariah K

Rider, Catherine M

Robinson, Shad

Russell, Cindy

Salazar, Gary M.

Stafford, Ryan C.

Wood, Lisa A.


10 Years 

Adams, Monty J

Allen, Vicki L

Benson, Buck 10 in 2021

Blume, Jim H

Byerly, Sari N

Cook, Brady A

Gaudet, Dana J

Harris, Sheldon T

Howe, Elisabeth G.

Ivie, Darin L

Miesch, Jennifer L

Mills, Benjamin C

Munns, Tyson R

Payne, Brandon C

Putnam, Thomas A

Rankin, Tawna M

Rauh, Chelsie M

Smith, Adam J

Summers, Stuart G

Valentine, Kallee H

White, H Nicole

Williams, Larry T


15 Years 

Johnson, Todd D

Ludwig, Ray L

Mitchell, Tiffany I

O'Connell, David E

O'Connor, Sara K 


20 Years 

Bodily-Roan, Jana L

Folkman, Kevin L

Joseph, Craig K

McCullough, Corinne F

Millican, Melissa J

Oliver, Heidi M

Ottaway, Thomas A

Richards, Lowell W


25 Years 

Hong, Lou

Smith, Mike

Tillotson, Cynthia M


30 Years

Dunker, Roy E

Hashem, Aref M

Leyshon, Lisa 

Martin, James R


35 Years



40 Years



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