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New to ISU and using Moodle ISU? This Workshop is for You

June 10, 2022

An online workshop for faculty new to using Moodle ISU to teach online is being offered through the Instructional Technology Resource Center (ITRC).

The “Setting Sail with Moodle ISU” workshop is a completely online, self-paced course that gives faculty the opportunity to learn about navigating Moodle ISU and a space to practice identifying and adding course components to their online course using Moodle tools. New faculty who will need to use Moodle ISU are encouraged to participate.

Here’s what others have said about this workshop: “This step by step course has been very essential to help me navigate through the complexities of Moodle. This course is designed to perfectly help a novice such as myself to learn about the different ways one can design a course. I particularly love the in-depth videos for each component and that the videos cover the information from most basic to the most relevant stuff.” ~Fall 2021 Workshop Participant

“I learned a lot from the different Moodle tools that can be used to design class activities. I kinda struggle with this every time because it's difficult to engage online students in-class activities.” ~Fall 2021 Workshop Completer

“It was good to review how to engage students using the Moodle features. I especially enjoyed learning more about Wiki as I have never used this feature.” ~Fall 2021 Workshop Participant

“This really helped me think about how I can design weekly modules to help students get a better understanding of the course content.” ~Spring 2022 Workshop Participant

The workshop is self-paced and free to ISU faculty; it will open on Tuesday, July 5th, and close on Sunday, August 7th. Get a glimpse of the workshop in the Course Sneak Peek video. Faculty interested in participating in the workshop can register by filling out the Setting Sail with Moodle ISU Registration Form. For questions and more information, the ITRC can be contacted via email at and phone at (208) 282-5880.


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