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Navigate Update

February 14, 2022

Navigate Data points

Phase II of ISU Navigate launched with the start of the spring semester, and our Idaho State faculty’s investment in this student retention tool is already having an impact! 
To make this early alert system work, our participating faculty submit two progress reports, one in Week 3 and another in Week 6 of the semester. These faculty reports alert our academic and athletic advisors to students who may be struggling and in need of immediate support. The spring Week 3 Progress Report was a huge success, as 95% of our faculty took the time to submit their reports, which in turn cued advisors and support staff in University Tutoring and the Career Center to schedule over 1,500 student appointments to address those student needs. 
We are gearing up for our Week 6 early alert cycle, but we want to pause and say “Thank you!” to every faculty member who is helping to change the way we support student success at Idaho State. This early alert system not only allows our institution to get in front of impediments to retention, but makes communication about those impediments immediate, effective, and potentially transformative. 
As we move forward with the campus-wide implementation of ISU Navigate, we want you to know that we cannot be successful without the help of our wonderful faculty. We’re already seeing the impact of this collaboration, with students expressing appreciation for a university that cares about their success. 
For more information about ISU Navigate, visit our web page


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